Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your Son Is @ the MTC!

Magadang Umaga!Good Morning!

Mom! Haha. Let me start by saying that this email is only going to be used for general purposes, i.e. i will write you a letter in addition to this email. Please let dad know this email, and send it to andrea and ask her to give it to anyone who would like it.

But yes, i only have about 25 min on a computer for a week.So let's get started.

AHH!! The MTC is so. darn. BUSY!!I have no time. NO TIME. However, this is also a good thing. The day is so rigidly conformed that it keeps us as missionaries on task.

I felt quite a wonderful emotion as I first entered the MTC when we parted, and knew that the Lord would help me be quite successful.

However, in these first few days, which really have flown by, I have been overcome with so much information, plus some other stressors on my mind of things I want to get done for myself, that one of these days I just felt sooo...impossible with myself. Inadequate in a way. To expound: I love everything that i was being presented with, i love the lessons and the purpose and sooo much about being here, however...THERE IS NO TIME. It seems there is no time to get half of what is on my mind done.

And then...I felt quite comforted. One day...I just felt quite comforted.

I feel quite at home here. I feel the Spirit, Mother. I feel it. Every. Day.And, slowly, this Gospel is truly becoming a part of me.

I can't believe that for the next 8 weeks, I will get to feel this Spiritual high every day! Granted, some missionaries get tired of the feeling. But we have been promised, that as we truly seek to lose ourselves in this work, to unify our hearts with the Lord and the purpose here, for HIS children, then every day will be wonderful.

And I have to tell you, Mother, every day IS beautiful. For me. For you.For anyone in this world. See the world for its beauty. How marvelous that such a Plan has been created for us, that we can KNOW and FEEL the love. Of the Family. Of our Friends. Of people, good people, who we have never met. This world is truly an amazing place.

Thank you, Lord, for this Glory.

I intend to find some time...albeit there exists none.To write You, Lala, and David. I will find time! But know that I am trying, and I would love mail even if it is hard to respond on my part!

Again, please encourage any and all to write me, it is such a heartwarming feeling to receive mail.

However, I must tell you thus: despite my minor feelings of doubt or inadequacy or stress at times, I FEEL why I am here.

Preach My Gospel...such a wonderful book. Concise. Those plain and precious truths which we hold dear. I am here...for the Lord. For my brethren...I love them.

Father, Thank you so much, for your support. I cannot tell you how many times I read something and think of something I would like to just mull over for a few minutes with you. There are so many wonderful messages I hear.

And I will testify again, as I did in my farewell talk, how important those small revelations in our lives are. The Spirit speaks to us. Every Day. Heed them. Within the walls of our home, in the company of our family. At work. At church. He is there for us. Always. Even if just to make us smile.

To my dear, dear family. I love you all so very much. I do hope these next two years you find yourselves quite happy. Please, please remember: Be Who You Want to Be. You decide. Who You Will Be. How Wonderful Our Home Can Be. How Wonderful Your Lives Can Be. And if you listen to TRULY what your heart desires, to those precious feelings, you will be so happy. The Lord will bless you with exceedingly great happiness. And all your dreams, your desires...will come true.

It's like a fairy tale...it is a fairy tale. And it's Real.

Lala...I love you so much! I don't have time in this letter to say much more...so I will strive to write a letter. But I HAD to mention you in here!I'm afraid I'm getting FAT! They FEED ME FAR TOO MUCH! Haha!!I miss you, My dear, dear Lala. Be strong...you always have been so strong. I testify to you, that the Lord loves you. With All His heart...beyond all power imaginable...he Knows You Lala...He loves You.

Pinatotohanan ko na walanghanggan ang Pamilya.I know that Families are Eternal.

I Love You, My Family.

I Love You. So Much. And That's Why I'm Serving For Two Years.

...and I'm crying...I don't cry often. But I know when I feel the spirit.And oh, I feel it so much. Here and now. For You.

I cry. Every day.

--Elder Lewis

p.s. Tell that Sorenson Girl (new girl here for 6 weeks at our ward) That I Found her cousin! Sister Emily Sorenson! =D!!!


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