Monday, September 27, 2010

Brief Again!

Dear "Home"

I will be brief once more, I apologize. [...] Just figured i should send something out before times up.

cool news!
Today I received a letter from an Elder Powell.
It was nice... first actual (hand written) letter I've received in about 7 months.

Sister Canaya saw my letter and whisked it away,
so i listened to her read it to me. Twas very nice.
i like the fact that he mentioned he thought it might be awkward
him writing me. Makes me feel better... yup. Awkward is always fun.

soo... in the past two liahona articles... ive seen friends!
the first was... oh darn forgot his name now...i know i know it... basta, he was once the "DJ" at stake dances wore glasses... Anthony something? (Z?) friend of ethan, and me, hingham stake.

basta... saw him and a lil quote...ANDREW H! that was it. he had a lil something bout Missionary prep and music and ipods/ distractions.
Then, last edition (before october... so september)... theres a section on Preach My Gospel...and basically my singles ward from Franklin are all there... and some kids from the Stake and whatnot...found it kind of cool haha! Massachusetts! Cape Cod! This Guy! I knew him! ... That Guy! I know him! ... etc.

I had fun telling everyone at church. (i also remember something else... how weird it would have been... because back in the day...someone in our stake had been phone calling people for the church magazine about their practice and prep using the Preach My Gospel... brody and I both backed out because we realized... yah, itd be cool to be in a magazine... but we would have bluffed it all!...didnt have any experience with the book =P! so how weird it would have been... to have seen my OWN face haha!)

Anyway... hope all are well.
Only one spiritual aspect that has been on my mind lately:

I want to be more careful with making promises. Not necessarily that I will make less promises to people, no... rather... i may just start making even more. However... i want to stand accountable for them. Every. single. one. Those promises... sacred. To mean something. To know exactly where it comes from, and by what power. To know of a surety, that they will happen. Meaning... i must purify myself more... account for those promises between the Lord and myself...

but truly... ponder on it... being worthy to stand accountable for all those promises... to stand before the Lord, and know, without doubt, that every promise said in word... was backed by full faith and heart. And then, even after, further personal prayer, for those promises to come true to those people. I want to be accountable, for every single one. To Promise, without a Doubt.

I can become at least that much.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

p.s. Ethan's in the MTC! write him! XD! salamat!
maybe send him some cookies! or something =P!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dasig lang!

Apologies Dad!

just read your last letter, as well as last weeks letter.
(last week had no time on the computer because we were given an hour before auto log off, and my comp went over so i was on 15 min, and couldnt print)

and right now, after having just finished reading all the emails
(except one... havent read that one yet, from my MTC teacher)

im out of time. sorry!
will try to write a handwritten answering your questions,
but thank you so much!

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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