Sunday, January 1, 2012

Standard of Truth

Elder Lewis...LOVED the experiences he gained at the MTC and is doing GREAT out in the Mission Field. Heavenly Father is SURELY blessing him as he serves his mission amongst the Filipino people in the Bacolod City Mission. He says he has been set forth and prepared all of his life for this sole purpose, the purpose to SERVE the Children of Man, to spread the GOSPEL as best he can in this part of the LORDS Vineyard. Elder Lewis would like EVERYONE to write him as much as possible. You know how missionaries LOVE letters & email. Please write and write OFTEN, sending Love and Encouragement to him while he serves his diligently amongst the Filipino Saints.

This BLOG was created to share Elder Lewis's experiences while in the Mission Field. ALL are welcome to read his letters and share in his experiences as he works with Faith & Diligence for our Heavenly Father & the Lord Jesus Christ while serving the people in the Philippines.

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