Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finding New Life

Soon it will be a New Year.

I Am quite excited...

There shall be so many wonderful experiences to come!
This is one of the greatest gifts...knowing that There is So Much of Life to be Lived!

This past year, such a great many memories! Sometimes we forget...just how beautiful life is.
How beautiful a year is. How much can happen...does happen...will happen.

We can learn from the past, all the experiences, to help make us who we are.
We can prepare for the future, to decide who we want to be.
And even now...the time is here in the present, to be lived. Rejoice!

This is a Miracle. What do you want to learn?
What do you want to be? Right now...what do you want to do?
It has been said: The Future is as Bright as Your Faith.

Brothers and Sisters, Family.

There is Such Joy. Unique for Us All...And Yet One in its Purity.
We have that marvelous gift of Agency.
Will you please...remember...that Your Life Can Be As Beautiful as You Want it to Be.
You Can Create.

So Please, Remember.
There is a New Year to Come...
But there is always a new Day...a New Moment.
A New Opportunity to Become.
Every Moment...a Miracle.
This is the Gift of Life.

Smile, Please, Always Keep Smiling.
Happy New Year.


I Am so grateful, Family...for that second opportunity to call you today.
Unfortunately...the internet service throughout this region died the otehr day...and we were cut off. It is wonderful, to hear your voices.

And to know this: That this "Monumentous Occasion", that milestone: Being able to call your parents! Was indeed, a milestone for me. But not because i bore great testimony, or there was overwhelming affection conveyed over the phone...heartfelt tears, etc.

I Had, for a moment, pondered on that: Should not this occasion be amazing??
And i am quite pleased with the actual turnout of the phone call: I Called My Parents. My Family. And we If I Were Yet at Home....I Felt My Family. And I Felt the Love. In as Simple a Manner Can Be.

And This is All I Ever Could Want.

We though I Never Left. And it's true. I Haven't Left. But rather...I'm away on Errand.
The Greatest Errand there is. For a moment...I'm on Errand. But Home. Ever...I Am Home.

I Love You.
My Gosh...I Promise You...
Those Words are so Beautiful...
Mother...Father. Brothers and Sisters.
Those Words, In Purity...So Beautiful.

We are to Love God.
To Love One Another.
These are the Greatest Commandments.
By Which All Others Follow.

"And Greater Love Hath No Man Than He Layeth Down His Life for His Friends"
There are so many ways to touch someone else's give your life to and for someone else.
What shall our legacy be? How shall I Give My Life?

For Me...I Believe I've Begun to Find How I Shall Give Mine.
I Pray for Us, Dear Brothers and Sisters. For We Shall Return Home...Together.
This I Know. And I Give to Thee My Hand. Please...I Shall Help Thee. Will Ye Help Me?
We Are Coming Home.

--Elder Lewis

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mild and Sweet, the Words Repeat:

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men~

Dearest Family,A Merry Christmas To You All.I Pray You Feel the Spirit of Him Whom Hath Given Us Our All.And that Ye See Him, Within the Family, With the Day, Within all Love and Purity. There is Joy on the Earth...There is So Much Joy.

Glory to Him, Our King. O Night Divine, When Christ Was Born.

Mother, I Oft Walk With Him...and Ever He Walks With Me.Prone to Wander...yes, Indeed. Yet, How Glorious to Know:Ever Walketh He Beside We.

Even Now, I Am in Alma...and I found such Wonderful Meaning Here.Particularly Chapter 5. If Other Man Hath love for this Scripture...I Finally Understand Why.

We, who Belong to this Church:Have We Sufficiently Retained in Remembrance...Him. In Our Hearts.He Changes Our Hearts. We Are Born Anew.

And as We Sing These Hymns of Praise, Particularly During this Time of Giving, this Season of Christmas...Shall We Not Remember their True Purpose: To Sing the Song of Redeeming Love.

Oh Mother. My Father. How with Great Anticipation, I Prepare for the Day, when Our Family Shall Be Brought Unto the Very Presence of God, And He Shall Say: "Come Unto Me Ye Blessed."

Yea, He is Christ. To Rise with Healing In His Wings.Oh Family, Oh Friends, Can Ye Not See Him? Dream. Dream of Him.And Know Thy Dream is Thy Very Purpose. Yea, We are But of A Beautiful Dream to Come True.

I Must Say...As of is already 9 o'clock...I've only had but a few minutes to write this...and i shall not have another opportunity for quite a few this must be sufficient.

I Love You All. This Shall Be Among My Greatest Birthdays Ever.And I Almost Forgot It...But Ever...This is the Greatest Gift.

For All Mankind. For These Beautiful People.We Will Together Understand, "O Holy Night."

--Elder Lewis

Merry Christmas, Dear Family. All of our Family...Yes. Every One.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singing Praises!

To My Marvelous Family,and whomever else may read this =D

Couple things to address first:

My Comps famous =PHaha...nahh...just a lot of people (at least members) in the Zone and Bacolod Area...all know my comp jumped off the bus (the ceres =P) yup yup hahaa. (He fell...kind of...and he's alright...hasnt stopped the work!)

I Also still have letters i need to send out...old ones haha. for lauren. and sister johnson. etc. oh and bordy's resume i made a brief one for him to expound on (yeah...i have those here...i need to mail them though...)

ANDD! If its not happening already...please forward the emails to Ethan and also my Brother David, and Anjelica.

So! Yes, Sister Stadler was in my Batch at the MTC, and she is wonderful. Havent seen her since the first day here...but she is a wonderful Sister. She will work wonders, i know it, for I have seen her spirit. and its quite beautiful. so yes...thats her blog =P

Eating! oh yess...i love eating! current addiction is a chocolate candy somewat like a tootsie roll but not really. Its called "Chubby" and its the chocolate kind. Thats my munchy food. aaandd...actually...surprisingly haha...we dont always eat that much. And im fine with that. We dont come home for lunch often...sometimes eat out for lunch, but not often...breakfast...ehh...sometimes. and dinner is uually the meal we have when we have a meal. ELder Stockton likes to cook (rice rice rice! tuna, fish, vegetables, fish, spicy stuff...corn beef...anyhing...on rice! Its all sudan.) And its fantastic.ive cooked peanut butter on bread (their peanut butter is cool!) made maya pancakes and some rice dishes...but not a whole lot. candies, my cookies (Creamos! like an oreo sorta...filipino style) and oatmeal...and whatevvss...munchies is pretty much it =P) but i LOVE the filipino food when we eat out or at a members house.

had Balut =p! smelled. bad. but ate it. and yeah...wasnt too bad ;) suspense was awesome though.

And WOW! JUST the other day...ive never been so full in my life! (or it felt like it!) Momma Flor a grndmother alright! Rice with Talipia fish for Sudan. And my plate...was bottomless. Id just take a bite...come back to the plate...and there was no sign that ever i had touched my plate! She's quick. sooo...i left that house...after sitting on the couch trying to regain myself for 10 minutes...and i literally could not walk...i could not...and we went, taught another lesson...and i waddled my way back to the house. oh was wonderful. it was terrible. i felt like i was gonna die. wanted to die. but it was great. sooo...much...riceee...haha! and mango juice!

enough bout that! Package: yes, i sent that home. and no, i dont need anything back...i am perfect as i am fo quite some time =) As i said...just pictures and maybe candy =D!

it is now 1240ish PM...and i am emailing...this is about the time. And I dont read emails til after i write (I print them out and read them later on tonight at the house) doesnt feel like snow! Haha...i literally forgot thanksgiving ever remember ONLY because of the music here and there amidst the hip hop and rock =P!

But yes...oh Mom, thought of yoou =) And Louis Armstrong...and how you love Christmas Musicc...and kinda reminisced for a bit about Christmas at our house...or things that happen round the season. Loved it (memory triggered at a members house with christmas music playing in the background over dinner)

No...not sure what mail there is. Apparently there is Fed Ex...dont know much about here how it works...however, the filipino form of fed ex is LBC, very fast cars and motorcyles transporting round the filipines =p! But yeah...dont know how it all works...just that if ever we get packages...usually its through LBC (maybe fed ex)

Yes...we DO live in a house lala. Haha. Its a great house...wonderful lil house...many kinks as i metnioned before. Rats and whatnot here and there...but oh well...they out of sight and out of mind =pp!!

PICTURES! Yes...i sent some home from the mtc (i hope...i told someone to send them) and i will send you thi card probably afte this transfer ends...soo...yup, hows that sound? BY THE WAY...i think i might have almost broken you camera...haha! Its usuable...i think still...probably. yeah kinda...oh well. i can still take pictures so i will...its just scratched and has dirt in it (and the memory card is still funky!)---------ALRIGHT! Enough with the little thingslet me tell you of the True Story, The One that Matters.

This week has been wonderful, Mother.Again...ever night I Come home exhausted...yet I Love this.I know the cause for which i give my energy...and i know there is an even better way. I shall endeavor to find it. But I Am exhausted and quite Happy.

This week...there were many challenges with appointments and church and members and the like...but soon to b addressed.

We have just established...that we are going to strive, even all tht we fill the Chapel as much as we can for the weeks leading to Christmas. As of here is quite different. and do i describe...ive been pondering often...of the way to search my heart concerning church. and ive come to find that as i trust Him...he helps me to Find the Love. It is not The Church back home. Yet, it is His Church. I Wish to help this church...yet...i do not wish to merely Americanize it and bring an "American Spirit" to the But Find the Gospel...the Gospel Spirit & Purpose of Church...and Bring it Here. To Establish the Kingdom here. for truly, there is so much that the people here do right. and there are so many similarities. In fact, Mother...we could learn so much from the Spirit they bring to church. And yet, it is young here...and growing...and there is much we can teach them, can help them grow...and truly FEEL that Gospel within these very walls of the consecrated building. We shall learn and grow together.

Together...we shall find the Spirit of the Gospel...and With this...Build THE the Lord Directs, for the Philippines.

I was disheartened...and see only 27 members at church just yesterday (in one of our two wards/branches) (they are both rather small) awe that these people who came...despite everything! Feel the Spirit strong enough at church and Recognize God and Jesus Christ Here...that they COME. And it was enough to soften my heart...grown up in America, as church is over there...and realize...there is something else here...the Spirit. And somehow...among the conditions here...i felt its purity more than ever before...and it is this purity that keep these members attending. This is why...we have Bring As Many People to this Chapel in the Two Weeks as we Possibly Can. And we Shall. I Feel This. If We Serve with Our Might. For the INvestigators NEED the Members. And the Members NEED the investigators...all NEED To feel the Purpose. The Very Spirit...and we Can feel it stronger than ever...with Each Other.

Thus...we are in the infant stages of our journey. And one day...i know it will gain momentum and take off...and the cycle will begin again as the ward will then be split and repeat to grow again in members. One day this will happen. But why not now? If it will happen "one day"...why wait? Let Us Grow this Kingdom NOW. For the Members...for the Children of the Covenant, and those Wandering, those Investigators, those Prepared Souls...If We can do but anything...we can do this. We Owe them this much, yea, all our conviction and heart and strength.

For them, We will Exhaust Ourselves.

The church may not understand how to teach, quite how to run the church, the members responsibility, their callings, etc. They dont understand...yet shall we thrust forth our might into giving them the NEED to grow. We Will Teach Them, and give them the people they need...that they will HAVE to grow, to learn, to understand. And they will find a love. they will find the love and the purpose. But we need to them that WE are willing to do all we that they too...can see the Purpose: Because We Love Them. They Will Find: "I Can Love Them" "He Loves Me...He Loves Them..." "I Can Love Them."

And they will find that help Build the Kingdom.

This is the Spirit of the Season for Us, here in the companion and I, and Even The Heart of Missionary Work.

We Shall Give Them the Greatest Gift we they too...will feel the Joy, and in turn, the Desire and Joy to Give.

Oh how my heart Sang Yesterday! For it Doth Always Sing...but yesterday...we heard the words of our Precious Brethren, Called of God. And I Prayed to the Father...that He Might Surround Me as I LIstened...and He Did. Oh those Marvelous Spirits! The Apostles, the Prophet, The Choir...

Truly...I See Christ. I Feel Him.And He ie E're with All These His People.I Shall Help Them...They Recognize some way...Yet, Shall They Feel His Love, I Promise They Shall!And they Shall Know Who he is: Christ, Our Savior.

These people know Christ, mother.They Just dont know they do...Shall Not We All...Help One Another See?

I Loved Hearing the Words. Thank You, I Could Ever have doubted...i do not know. Unwilling to go to see a conference...or to serve, to help missionaries, to fulfill a could i ever not have known...for in all these ways: I feel my saviors love.

"Let Our Hearts Rejoice" (2nephi 9) Come to Him. I Shall Forever.We Shall Forever. Thank You, Father.

How Could I Be The Very Person Hindering Mine Own Heart?This is All I've Ever Wanted. And i Promise You...This is All We've Ever Wanted.

A Baptism this week...a beautiful family...The Alvez family. Only the mother Nanay and Mar Joy a daughter at the moment...but we teach the entire family...and i know, they all soon to enter into the recieve the wonderful forever feel Christ...and to become a family, forever. I See This. And I Am overjoyed. Her Testimony had me Awe. Nanay stood...and Smiled...and struggled...and wept. And wept. For many long moments...wept. And then sat down. It was Perhaps One of the Most Beautiful Testimonies I've Ever Witnessed.

There are Many People Close to My Heart Right Now, Mother.So many, i have not the time...nor the words to say, nor capacity of heart...for is not my heart. It is His.

And Suffice it to Say Mother...I Believe in Christ. He is My Love.He is the Love. And Together...We Shall Share Our Love.

I Love my Friends--Brody, Alena, Andrea, Ethan, Jane, Susie...I Love my Family. I Love these Missionaries, yea, all Missionaries. I Love the Philippines, and All the People Therein. All the Children of the World. I Love My God, Our Father....Yes...I Love Our Family.

And this is the Light. This is Who We Are--Within.

Oh Shall we not become his Seed? Shall we not Taken Upon Us His Name--And be of the Seed of Christ?Yea, We Shall. And We'll Come Singing to Zion. For We Know: Thy God Reigneth!

Blessed be Our Family. Blessed Be Our Father. And Unto Him, We Shall Sing, for all Eternity.

(Mosiah 15)

--Elder Lewis

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One last thing!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry! I'm on with permission today because my email was acting up yesterday, and i couldnt print off any im on for a minute!

So! One thing i forgot to mention:

Guess what? My companion fell off a bus! hahaha! Yup...the Ceres. It was fantastic. We went to the hopsital and everything. Not to worry ya bout me hanging off the sides of vehicles or nothing =P! He's fine...he looks great! What a beautiful guy =P!

OH! One last thing...please date your dear elders to me, and tell everyone to date them, so i have the dates.

and please forward all my emails, this and the other two, to everyone i sent you.

Mail me pictures! Everyone! XD!!

and on google map, we're right by Manapala Cemetery (take the road on the left of it on google map (not the main one) and somewhere on that road, is our house (the white one on the right side =P!)


--Elder Lewis

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Glorious Week

Dear Mother and Father,

If ever you have known me, know this: I Have Found Who I Am.And Ye Can Know Me...if Ye But Read Mosiah 2. If Ever Ye Have Known Your Son, This is Who I Am. And Ye Shall Know Your Son.

Even This Very Morning, This Marvelous Revelation Came To Me.

I have oft discussed, with many a close friend, with father, and with you mother, concerniung this very topic. And I Do Hope through all that you have known me, you have seen this very thing in me. And i rejoiceth to say this, for this is the greatest desire of my heart, yea, this be even My Celestial Joy. And I Know, in the Eternities, this will be Who I Am...for Eternal Life would not be, for me, unless it be thus. And I Have Prayed, before, and not long ago, and yet now, and I know. He Hath Covenanted With Me. And I Rejoice.

I wish to Serve, in some capacity, even all capacities...for the greatest joy i have ever when on another's face I see that pure smile...celestial smile...even the Light of Christ.

And service can be anything, truly anything, so long as the intent is to give unto another Happiness. Joy for Another. And This Be Christ.

Long before, I pondered this, and i pondered while I was at home. And while yet at BYU...where I began actively, truly my own journey of Conversion...coming to Christ. I had been prepared...and for these moments of my life. I am continually preparing...for the best moments, of my life, yea, even for another's. And I remember my thoughts, and my conversations with my close friends, and parents, and i remember praying to God on the day I was endowed...and praying in my heart the Day of my Patriarchal Blessing...

Dear God...if it So Be that this is My Purpose...please...shall I Know.And I Do, Mother. I do Father. And Shall I Yet Share My Love, and Best I Can. May the Lord God Guide Me, as I Give My heart to Him, that we might share our hearts with another, I Pray. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Shall I Not Share a Few Details of the Happenings and Sights of the Philippines with you? I Shall...but in Brief (oh dear...if i CAN be brief...always a weakpoint of mine) Only because it is indeed a marvelous place, and I know you all would like to hear SOMETHING about the actual area itself. So Thus it is:

I Wake up...EVERY this: EEEERRRYAAACCKAAAROOOO!!...they are EVERYWHERE! Haha! Those roosters! And they cockle every minute! I Wake up to this, i work to this, i sleep to this. It has become somewhat of an anthem. I Kinda like it. As I Mentioned before...some things, even many things, i puzzle at for a second, then perfect. This is the Philippines. =D!

Sooo...Yes, I Am in a House...its got a few kinks with the fridge and the sink and the toilet and the...shower? ... and one of the doors... but its great! Haha! I Love it! We have our own coconut and manggo trees and its wonderful. There are lil bugs...but just seems so natural, now that I'm here. They crawl over my books (they are really small) or along the sink or on my arms even as i write and whatnot, and i just smile and occasionally brush them off. I Can't Tell You...the Lord Has Helped My Heart So Much. I Love So Much About This Place.

Lizards you see occasionally inside the house scurrying across the walls...oh! And there are dogs. MANY dogs. Wild dogs. All over the place in the Philippines. On the streets, in the yards, all strays. dogs...and in great number! Its kinda amazing =p!

OH DAD! Thanks for all the Razor stuff! Thats waayy mahal here! (expensive!). I Do not believe i need anything...and packages take a while to please...just send twizzlers or something if you want to send something (love candy).

(oh...and know i will probably get it a month after you send it =p!) But yes! The razors! I am set for my mission! WOO!! haha! Thanks Dad!

Sooo...i've now officially ridden literally hanging off the side of a tricycle (motorcylce with a "carriage" attached to it), hanging out the door of a Ceres (a large bus)...on the back door of a Jeepnee, kinda flailing in the wind trailing behind it...

yup, thats actually all become quite common practice now, haha! Tricycles we use to get everywhere, and busses and jeepnees are full a lot =p! (tho im not in jeepnees much, thats the city)

OH! Did you get my package and stuff from the MTC?I asked my fellow zone members to mail it for me after i left...should be a package of excess stuff i couldnt bring in my luggage (lots of weight restrictions) as well as a separate package of JUST the camera card! So please...let me know if you recieved it.

Alright...well...they DO love basketball here! And Music haha! Karaoke...but always! They BLAST Music...i can here music anywhere i go in the streets, at any time of day! (Love it at night) Apparently they like hip hop and techno a lot =p! In any case...its always a joy to me...i keep the spirit about me...and just smile...because of the life here haha! Such an energy here!

And at feel it! Blasting that music...yup, town's still up! nicknames here are: A Professional Basketball Player named Lewis and a Professional (and Good!) Boxer named Lewis. Here them ALOT. I'm pretty famous. ;)

And One Last minor Point: The Drivers! Haha!Lets put it this way: Here you assume Excellence. Not Ignorance, as is commonly assumed in other places. And because of such...they can do just about whatever they want on the road (its mostly ALL public transportation) assuming the other people are good enough to cope. and surprisingly, they are! Its amazing...its like absolute chaos! ...but they are GENIUSES! Haha! Go Philippines!

And the area is gorgeous...everywhere i look, i am surrounded by beauty. absolutely breathtaking...i am in awe every time. From my first day...even until now...i marvel that this earth has been created. The sugar cane fields...the rice fields, the coconut trees...the many green, lush mountains...the perfect blue skies and perfect clouds...magnificent sunrise and sunset and...oh dear...its the mmost perfect serene bit of nature i have ever seen...and i see it every day, something new every day...and even the same sights always change...a new flair each time...if only even through my eyes.

But the greatest beauty here, Mother, Father. Family.Is the Beauty of this People. I Cannot it be that i know this: This is a Consecrated Land. The Philippines is a consecrated land...that the Lord has set apart to personally come forth and perform his work. This people...they will listen to you...actually LISTEN to you. And will openly, warmly, greet you with a smile from their heart. There have been many who have welcomed use in...and truly...the did not seem "interested" even upon the close and our testimonies...but yet, they still show their love. and there willingness to listen to you. They care about you. You can know when they love can see this. And I Dare Say when a Filipino truly shows you their love, you Can Know what Love is. I am beginning to Understand and See This. But know that in all they do, there is some pure love there. This is a Consecrated Land...and the Lord will perform a Marvelous Work among this People. Christ, and the Light of this Gospel, whether they see it or not, I see it. I Feel it. So Vibrantly...they have so much light within them...they even live and yearn for the gospel...they do! I Know This! And they so readily express it...and we must Show Them...with all our very being, that Yes: This is All Ye Desire. He is Christ! Here, Let Your Heart Rejoice. Not teach or just testify...but SHOW that THIS is Who You Are...because of Him.

I Feel...Such great Need to learn this language. I Must. For I See in the People Here the Very Light of Christ...and I Glimpse as I Search for My Savior, their very Joy: The Joy of Angels. They are the Angels. And I Glimpse their Eternity...and The Pure Happiness, forever. Shall I Not have faith in My God, that He Who Hath Power Over ALL, that surely...through my faith AND my diligence unto him, Shall I Not Become Fluent in this Language? And excercise all the very faculty of my soul and show them how I Do Rejoice! For I Know God. And I Know them. And He Knows Them. And We Shall Return! I Shall Indeed. Illongo and Tagalog...and yea, if need be, any and ALL of the other 5 dialects, to show them this cause for Rejoicing: Christ, Our Dear Savior.

Here...I Have Felt the Love of These Dear People. I Will Make Mention of Two Peoples in Particular: The Alvez Family...and Princess.

The Alvez Family I Met with, but a few days into the mission. And before ever I spoke, they loved me. They encircled me in their love...and literally, quite literally, were all about me. And we taught them...and i did share my testimony as best i could in Illonggo. And every time since that night...they Love Me. Such pure love, every time. I cannot describe it except, for a moment...i am raised up, with them all, and feel christ all round us. There is such love in this family.

Many are soon to be baptized, in this coming week. But first, before ever i had known them, they loved me. and as soon as i saw their faces, i loved them. and together, yea, hand in hand...we doth come unto Christ. We embrace Him.

And Princess came to me during priesthood/ combined meeting for planning session or something (I couldnt understand what was going on...and my comp was at our OTHER ward in caduha-an) and so i sat there...and a little girl came up to me and just PLOPPED on my lap. and kept hugging me. and laughing. and smiling. I dont even KNOW this girl. and yet...for a full hour...she and I exchanged smiles and laughs and she would hug my legs and play with my paper and pen and flashlight and compass and everything...

i cannot it be this girl of perhaps 3, coming up to me, and in that moment, i feel in love with her. This Small, Beautiful Child of God. I Fell in Love But a Moment.

I Do not have much time i believe the rest of which I Desire to say i shall save for another letter home...i do hope i actually write that one.

But Let me Say This:

I Do Not Understand how a Boy Could Ever Speak more Versedly than a Scholar, nor with more conviction than an Expert...I Say Unto You, it Cannot Be...Save it be by the Very God.

We Are Passionate...For We Know. And All Power, Yea, The Very God is behind this Truth. For We Testify of Him...Because We Know. We Feel. We Believe. And We Love. We Speak with the Power of Angels...yea...even The Very Mouth of Christ. For We Do This...For A Purpose, Yea the Greatest Purpose: The Purpose of God.

I Feel we do not realize how much difference this gospel makes in someones life. For us...perhaps we take it too much for granted. Yet...know this! Who we are Is Inseparably connected to that which we know of Christ and this Eternal Plan. If We Believe on His hath made all the difference...and we are This Belief. If we have heard of Him and his truth, yea, even if we only partially or in ignorance still has changed our life...think on this!

Families forever! Life after Death! Christ on the Earth! In Our Hearts! A Purpose! Love...we are to Love One Another! There is Infinite Hope!We Shall Return to our Father...our Very Family. We Shall Rejoice for All Eternity!

This is SO Foriegn to all those poeple in the world. For they have never heard such things. Yet we, who have heard...can live our lives knowing these things. and even if we do not "know" or believe" yet have been raised therein or have heard...our life is CHANGED forever because of this...

For otehr people have no idea! Not an inkling of the answer...some dont even realize the question! Others ponder continually

how great, our calling. the calling of all people. This is Who We Are. And we Stand Out from the World. For When we are in Christ...even the smallest of truth...yea, any can know this. For in that moment, we are Set Apart. For Christ is not of the things of this World...nor can any such thing be in his presence. And ALL matter how much of this gosepel you believe is in you...see! FEEL! That higher plane...thats setting apart...that fopreign world which is so familiar.

Do not be shy. i think on me...and was i shy? or afraid? or thought they not to be ready? my friends. so many people now i think...yes...yes why didnt i tell them? this will change their life...they will be happy forever...even if they dont realize it...i know! and this will be. please...know this. We are inviting them...unto Christ. The greatest thing there be in this life and all eternity. you lose nothing in an invitation. and yet...they may gain everything. whatever your reason not to...overcome. Share this Gospel with them, in whatever way you can...but Actively...Share It. Let Them Know Who You Are...and By Whom Ye Are Who ye Are. if missionaries ask for them. all people around you are looking...for You. For christ. And ye know Him. Please...Ye Can Give them Everything...the Way to Everything.

I Love my life back home...make no mistake...i love it. yet now i know...there are many things i desire, even now in my heart, that i shall change. I hope i always remember this desire. For I Have tasted a greater life...yea, even the best life...even now, on my mission. Make it known...i love my life at home...and yet, If only I could give live THIS Life...forever. And I Can. This is the best Life...and as I Come Home...I Can Bring this with Me.

I Do Know...that although I feel i love my life back home...yet i would give it up in a heartbeat to do as i am doing yet now, once more...i cannot...

for this is a once in a lifetime moment. Yet know this! Every once in a lifetime. Therefore...ought we to treasure every one. And Make every one worth Once in a LIfetime. Yea, let Christ be in every Moment...and Every Moment therefore Shall Ye Rejoice. We Can Have true Joy...Every Moment of Our Lives. If In Every Moment, there be Christ. Therefore...let US Be every moment. And let us share every Moment. Every Moment is Once in a lifetime.

We God. The Eternal Father. And Jesus Christ, His Son. And in the Holy Ghost.

We Believe in Being Honest. True. Chaste. Benevolent. Virtuous. And in Doing Good to All Men. We Believe All Things. Hope all Things. Have endured many things...and hope to endure All things. If there is anything Virtuous. Lovely. of Good Report. Or Praiseworthy. We Seek After These Things.

We Know God is the Father. Our Father. We Know He Loves Us.We Know Christ is Our Savior. And Through Him, We Can Be Happy Forever. We Know The Purpose of this Life. To Prepare. For We Know He Shall Come Again. And we Shall Return With Eternal Life.

Glorious Be The Day.For We Know.

And This Changes A Life.Yeah, For This is a Life.

Shall We Not, Therefore...Take His Hand, and in the Others, Our Brethren. Yes, We Shall. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis


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(last two are my teachers!)

And jane...feel free to send these to any of my friends you think would enjoy, or give the emails to my parents.

Thank you, and I Love You All.For This Reason, Am I Here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In The Philippines!

I'M HEREEEE!!! Haha!
ok, so Mom & Dad...i've just found out some news...apparently...mail is gonna be kinda funky here...we really wont be able to keep in touch all that well...and i'll tell ya why.

For you, i can recieve mail from you every two weeks via cargo ship when sent through the church. Yay for that...( more 3 day mail system). and YET, even with the dear takes that long too. SOO! I probably wont hear from you for a bit. And the flipside of this (wow...this is a difficult keyboard)...if i mail something to cmopanion has told me it wont get to you for about 3 to 4 weeks. Thus, everything we send will be far behind eachother. I can only come to one! good conclusion. Write me every week! And then I'll get mail as soon as possible! and i'll write you every week! And you'll get mail as soon as possible! It is 12:05 pm here...i believe then that it must be aboutt...11:05 am there...i think. Because utah time was like this: if it was 4 am in utah, it is 7 pm in philippines. i dont remember the math...and you are 2 hours ahead of utah. please figure that one out.

ANYWAY! You can email me! Do That Too! Because i can check email! and print it out (Because...despite being in the field...i still have no time to write to you all...still the same old thirty minutes...some missionaries spend all day writing...but nah...i wish there was more than 30 min...and maybe in the future ill have maybe an hour or maybe even 1 1/2! to write people. but as it is now...nope.

and i kinda feel good about that.

OH! If you could PLEASE! I wont get those dear elders you just sent. HOWEVER! If you could doing that email notification thing of the dear elders, it sends me the whole message online. so i can print it! so send them that way! That way i can hear from you every week!

TELL EVERYONE! About the mail situation. Dad, if you could get on facebook and tell "me" your sons facebook, and Andrea and Jane (especially Jane...because she has wanted to get in touch with you for a while...she doesnt have your email...both can be found on facebook under my friends)

Yes..tell everyone to dear elder me and do the option that you guys choose to send a notification to me. (no one else does)

i cant send mail faster...because i can probably only send THIS one email to my family...but i can receieve mail weekly if you do it this way. please do.

i wont have time to read your mail til later o apologies. so will have to wait til next week to answer those questions.

enough bout that! Let me tell you about the Philippines.


My Desire and Promise with God...was that from Day 1, and forever after on my mission, and through the grace of God, my whole rest of my life...I Will Become a Missionary.And I will Give My Very Heart to this People, even all that I am.

That is My Promise...For the Rest of My Life. This is My Dream.

In future emails...i probably wont say much about all my feelings...for i will never have time to write them all...but i will write about the people and experiences here...and i hope you feel that testimony within me, centered around this very simple statement. This statement...yea, even all that is most Plain and Precious within Me.

So! On Every flight, i talked to whoever I was sitting to...and it was atheist, my district members, and a man who goes to the philippines to pick mangos. And they were Wonderful experiences! I Prayed, so deeply, that matter how many reasons i have to not talk to people...that i would. and though i could have talked to many more...

...the Lord helped me so much. in LAX, in Tae Pei, in Manila, in all areas we came to...I tried very hard to be a missionary. And I LOved it.
I Finally feel it...The Weight of this Tag...The Glory of this Tag...from the moment I left the MTC Campus and arrived at the Utah Airport....I am NOW a Missionary.

I Met many wonderful people...and noticed a newfound power of it english or tagalog...

and a GREAT love such that i have never known before...for PEOPLE...regardless of who they are. TO think...jus to TALK to someone...oh how is it we do not see the significance and great growth and ability to change eachothers lives...just through a simple matter where we are or who we are. How Beautiful!

The trip was wonderful, and we all finally split when we arrived ni district...after spending a night together at the Mission Home. We were also soon as we got in the Mission President's Car...just after i found such love to speak Tagalog...and several people telling me throughout my travel that i spoke quite well...that there are 5 languages we may be speaking here in this mission...any combination of them all...and none of them are tagalog!

oh boy! haha! soon (the next day) we congregated...only to separate...very quickly...into our appointed areas. And my new companion, an American frmo colorado, been about for a year, Elder Stockton...and we all quickly took our luggage to buses and left. I Felt It...time to begin.

i do not have time to explain the past four days...let me just say this.

It is marvelous here, mother. So beautiful. yes literally too...but the people. the spirit. so wonderful. yes...there is room for the spirit here. we must go forth.

so many differences...and things that might seem odd and out of place and perhaps before...i might have though so strange...but here...i look and puzzle at the thigns in curiosity for a second, then smile...and realize...its perfect. This is the Philippines.

And all i see mother...i feel that: so different...but perfect. This is the Philippines.

I've been on buses chock full...where i am nearly outside of the bus (no doors) my face and body in the little motor tricylces (that and buses are prevalent EVERYWHERE) (its how you get anywhere!) i sit or grasp on in quite excitement...there are wild dogs everywhere...little stores everywhere...rice fields! sugar cane fields! Beuatiful mountains and of people are so talk...even if not truly is a marvelous place mother...the weather feels so natural to me.

Many people wonder if i am a filipino (not because of how i terrible...but how i look)

I need to learn Ilongo. That is language for this area in Bacolod North (Manapla and Caduta-in). gosh...i FEEL This.And i feel how great my need to learn this language...because my testimony is burning within me. And I want to share it...even all of it...with all these people.

I have no time, mother and I have day is full...walking...teaching...and i do teach. Tagalog where i can...englsh a little here and there...ilongo i try...but i TEACH and bear my witness everywhere i can.

EVERY night mother...since ive been here...i come home EXHUASTED... totally exhausted and yet...i am so happy. i feel like i cannot do any more...yet i know...theres some more i can do. even a better way. and i will find it. but i know me and elder stockton are trying. and the lord as well. we are exhausted...yet the spirit is ever present as we study and work, all day...for these people. there is no time...nor should there it be for them.

i am exhausteed mother. and thats how i know...the lord is real. my spirit is real. and i am doing the work. the one work. the greatest work. I am so happy. So happy Mother.

I feel i may have nothing left when i come home...and a way...i desire this...its only been 4 days or so...and i may have nothing left after 2 years.

may i be reborn again through God now...and again when i return, i pray.i know this is my purpose for being.i will give. all that i am. to know him. to be like him.

i love you dear family. and all my friends too....
The Church at home. The church in all the world. All of Gods Children.
I Love you.

in the name of jesus christ...amen.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

Monday, November 23, 2009

Before I Part...

Dear Family,

Doing Great! One Day left until I’m on the Plane! Gahhh! I’m so ready. Not that I feel like I NEED to leave the MTC…but just that I Feel That Now is the Time.

(I will bring up some thoughts regarding this topic in a minute)

Yes, yes indeed. I love that story as well Mother. The Story of the Stripling Warriors. Each and every One of Us. This Gospel is so important to Us. It is Everything to Us.

If You Would Like…mmm…man. Haha…Don’t know if I have any time to write about that tonight. We’ll see. I will try very hard to write ya’ll a letter tonight. Brief as it may be. But to mail it off tomorrow.

I’m glad Dad gave out my email, makes me happy =p! And I will be sending the memory card picture thing home tomorrow...i will still have one here…give you that one. It is a bit defective, as I mentioned once before…when you insert it into the proper slot…sometimes it will either say “Memory Card Full” or “Need to Reformat”…DON’T! I’ll lose all the pictures haha! But yeah…I just keep turning the camera off and on off and on til it works…or taking the card in and out and in and out til it works. It works every now and again.

I’m glad to hear that Ethan is thinking on me =) And that he’s getting his paper’s in! Woo! Haha! He just sent me an email…and I intend to write him back. My apologies…I did receive his letter, and enjoyed it quite thoroughly…I just get so caught up. Oh dearr…

Haha…just to give you an idea of how far behind I was…remember that picture you sent me? That I had made out of words for Alena? Yeah…I just mailed her that today. Oopsies xD! And I still have much I need to catch up on in my journal…oh dear…what I wouldn’t give to have everything where I would be starting fresh. All caught up.

Sooo…as I mentioned, I have a 22 hour long flight ahead of me…and 11 hours of layover. Oh dear me…but it is a wonderful time to begin Spreading the Gospel. In fact…it already had begun…from the day I was set apart. But now…a whole new venue.

If you wouldn’t mind…I’d like to speak of a few things concerning my time here at the MTC.

There are some people…who would say the MTC is long and arduous. Others who say it is boring. Others who find it meaningless. Others who come and meander through. There are those people…who, to make an all encompassing statement, “believe that their time or efforts could be used better elsewhere.”

To Them I Say: I have been here for over 9 weeks. I Have but one day left. And the ONLY thing I would change…is if I could have realized how Sacred this time is…from Day 1. The MTC is so precious.

I do not understand…how a missionary can miss this. And yet…I can. And the tragedy is that this is something very real. And very, very dangerous. We are the instruments of Eternity…and yet…we fail to see our call.

Perhaps it is BECAUSE I have been here 9 weeks that I realize this. Yet…know this:

In my heart…… “letting my light grow brighter”… And I know that I have great lengths to go…even infinite strides…to achieve that “perfect day.”

I don’t know when that day will come…but I Promise You. When that day arrives…I will be there. With the light. I will become the light.

It overwhelms my soul…to feel as I feel, even now.Lehi, in 2 Nephi 1…bears such beautiful testament: “for behold, my Savior hath redeemed my soul from hell…and I am encircled eternally in the arms of his love”

The very end of Romans 8: “I am convinced…that nothing-shall stay the love of Christ.”

And John 16…a Promise of the Father…one of eternal hope and love…one that makes my very heart weep:“Yet shall I See You Again.”

These small verses…through the course of 9 weeks, and scriptures like unto them…have become the very foundation of who I am. I know…that in every one of us resides the light of Christ. I know…that the very purpose of our existence is to give our heart…all that is most precious, that which is truth…that which we’ve spent our lives to discover…to give to someone else. To give them…our light of Christ.

This is My Eternal Purpose.“For This End Was I Born” saith the Lord Jesus Christ.For His Purpose…Am I Here.

God is Love, Mother. It is His Sole Reason for Being. It is His Only Purpose, yea, even all that he Does…He Doeth for The Love and Joy of His Children. This is His Power. Without it…He Would Cease to Be God.But He Is. And I Am. And I Know Him. I Love Him. And if Even He, The Greatest of All…This Be His One Eternal Purpose…then This is My Purpose.

This is My Testimony Mother…in but brief. In but a sparkle of the majesty He Hath Given unto my heart.I pray, that I might be able to finally give someone…all of me. Even the fulness of my Soul. Because I Love Them…My Sweet Redeemer…I Love Them.

It was Yesterday…not a huge turn of events…but one moment…not out of the ordinary, but just a moment…amidst crying…over the Spirit which came upon me…that I Decided.

I Will Become a Missionary. Today.This is the Start of My Eternity.

If Ever The Lord Might Grant Me One Wish, One Desire of My Heart…it Beith Thus:That I Might Serve Unto Thee Forever.This is My Celestial Glory.

I wish I had more time…To say a few more words…for this testimony causeth me to see other missionaries…and how greater the Lord hath need of them than I…and How they Do Not See! They Are All Glory in my Eyes. All! And Yet..they do not see. They, in their ignorance…treat the Kingdom of Everlasting…as but another ‘something.’ It is Everything! For Someone! For Everyone! This is Everything!

Oh How I Desire to Grab Them…and Shake Them! And Shake Them! Fiercely…and Call Unto them Awake!And I Shall…Oh I shall…Through My Testimony…no Matter What and no Matter Where…I Will Let Them Know that Withing Me I Know Christ. And Christ Knows Them. And They Know Christ.Therefore…They Shall Feel All of Heaven Through Me.And Maybe…Oh Dear Lord, Maybe…They Will Finally Fell The Savior… And Become That Missionary…The Lord Has Ever Ordained Them to Be.

They Are Everything To Me.

You All Are Everything to Me.

I Love You,

--Elder Christopher Lewis

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey Mom!! Haha! Guess What?! I’mma headed to the Philippines!! Just got my flight plans the other day (last Friday!) I’ve been meaning to write…there’s always something I write down every day that I intend to send to either you, the family, or alena, etc. but I NEVER get around to actually writing it in a letter (only little notes on the side to myself)

HOWEVER!! To at least say it here: I INTEND to have at least one bunch of letters sent home to you before I leave, hopefully addressing enough people =) I have a couple done that have been done for weeks…Sister Johnson’s, Lauren , and ideas for some others…a Start Up Resume for Brody, etc.Those I WILL send out to you all at home before my last day.

To Dad real quick: THANKS!! I got the Package!! Just 30 seconds ago or so. Lots of wonderful little surprises xD!! And it was quite exciting, all the new stuff =PP! Please though, don’t go out of your way trying to send me stuff…the watches are quite nice, and hammock and netting and all, thanks! Don’t spend too much on me though…if anything all I need are some bare essentials and I can get by xD! So don’t worry about sending me too too many things. From what I hear from my Native Teacher Sis. Rather, and my other Teacher Brother Leslie, I should be more than fine as I am. And there are so many things I could pick up there if I need to…pretty darn cheap =pp! Might try and come home with some hand tailored suits for $50, who knows!(also, my teacher once got a speeding ticket there…$3. Haha! There really aren’t “police” there…more like army. And he just happened to end up in a very unlikely situation…) (But not a huge laughing matter…because the Filipinos work tremendously over there…some for so little money a day. Comparatively, we really would be seen as quite rich. It’s amazing how blessed we are.) So…for the most part, the things I would like through the mail are letters, personal things like pictures, etc. I’m sure if I haven’t yet realized it yet, nor realize it in the very near future…I should be fine without it.

OH! But I need to tell you when I leave! November 24, 2009. Next Tuesday, at 4ish? Yup yup. Will be flying Delta airlines…then to Eva…then to Philippine Air…and finally Cathay Pacific Airways.

All in all…if we calculated correctly…about 22 hours of flying…and 11 hours of layover/wait time.Oh boyyy…and that’s if everything is on time =PP!!

And yes Mother, I am flying out with my district…all the way until we arrive in Manila. And when we arrive there…7 of us leave for Bacolod…only one stays in Manila (Sister Ball) to serve in Quezon City.

I am quite excited! The flight plans just finally made it seem so real…that it is coming xD! I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels…to think that soon…I’ll be off. And only 22 months left! AHH!!

The language feels so wonderful. There is still much I have to learn…and again…I’m not gonna lie…I haven’t put all my effort into learning or doing here at the MTC. Not to say I’ve skimped off…but I know when I’ve really worked. And thus…I will try this week. To really push myself. I can speak the language comfortably right now…enough to speak about the lessons and the church and chit chat and whatnot. But I’m sure it will all seem inferior when I finally arrive. Yet…I am confident that it will be a marvelous learning experience if I so let it be. Spiritually…the Lord continues to bless me. Some people here feel like they wish they had more time to prepare. Well…I am ready. I mean…there is always so much more we can do to prepare. But it’s no longer time to just prepare. Its now time to Do. And I feel the Spirit shall Abide with me.

I was released yesterday as the Zone Leader…man, that’s different.I’ve been in leadership position ever since the day I arrived…senior companion, district leader, zone leader… And now…I don’t have too too many meetings…woo! Haha! But it was a marvelous experience…and truly…I was able to learn from so many wonderful leaders…and I feel like I grew…oh so much. Especially telling this to you, Dad. You always say you see me as a Leader. Well…not to Go bragging or building up my Pride…but I felt such Growth. And I Began to Feel Power…radiate through me, From The Spirit. And truly… I feel like the Lord Is Helping me to Become. I will Become.

Again…I feel so ready to head off to the Philippines. I hope to jot down my thoughts on the Islands before I actually arrive there…so as to be able to compare later (and keep my thoughts untainted of the “before hand”) I need to write down now. OH! And my image has changed several times over the course of being here of the Philippines…from a place of beauty and nature and hardwork…to poverty…to in dire need of the health of the gospel to rid from the plagues of wickedness and evil. I believed that perhaps things may not have permeated to such an island. But mother…Satan is ever prevalent. While there may yet be some places of the world who remain in an ignorant peace…I believe there will be much work to be done, that in the Heart’s of those Filipinos, truly they desire these truths: family. Chastity. Hope. Love. Forgiveness.I never realized…just how precious the smallest of things we have in this Gospel are… And I never realized…how much I have always wanted to thank you…for sheltering me. Not from the world. But protecting me against it. Helping me realize…evil is very real. But In the Presence of Light, Evil MUST depart. And truly as you shielded and protected me…even if I was “sheltered” in the sense of mere ignorance of the existence of certain evils…I am ever grateful for even that. It seemed so weird…even hard, to admit back then to the world: I’ve been sheltered. Almost ashamed to say it. But now, I wish to Proclaim it Openly: I Am So Proud…That I Have Been Sheltered. But not Sheltered Only. I Have Been Shielded. Against All Evil…even the unknown evils I have yet to encounter…I Am Prepared.

Sister…take this to heart. Please. And Be Proud. I cannot Begin to tell you How I feel. The World…it is a Beautiful Place. But There Is Great Distortion…Sister…do not let the beauty you see be confused with the evil mirages. This Gospel is Our Shield. Our Parents…They Know. This is the Shield of Our Savior.

Ever Hold Your Head High, in the Honoring Truth and Right. And in the Presence of Evil, You Command Him Flee…You Reprove Him. Ever…if Evil Cometh, You Speak Light. And He Shall Leave.

You may not understand this…but know that I know this happens on a daily basis during high school. And to apply this principle to you: that which sounds so natural to the world…it makes me quite sad. For we have accepted as normal such great tragedies. Alcohol, sex, drugs…lying, gossiping, lack of morality.Where is the Virtue? I Tell you, Sister, I Testify…if You will Hold Strong as an Example to These Principles as are In the For Strength of Youth…and if ever of evil undertones in school you hear…you Be the Example. It will be quite difficult. But Be Bold. The Lord Shall Comfort Thee. And You STAND for Truth.You are a Daughter of God. You are Honored Respect of the Most High. Do not let such degrading lack of tact and tongue touch your ears without you bearing your witness against it. If anything…you Flee. However…Pray, Muster the Courage. And You Let Known Your Light.

I guess…what I’m trying to say Sister, simply…is Be Yourself. And If ever your hear something your soul feels is not of goodness or virtue…please…help those who speak of evils they do not understand. And you let them know that You Know, in your heart…true Happiness is not within that evil.

I have full faith in you Sister. As Does the Lord.

Sorry for that Tangent!

Mmm…I’m going to grab some pictures from our companionships and send them home…but for the most part, I’ll just send the chip home (not a whole lot of good pictures on there yet haha xD!)

In any case…this last week has been great! Pushing for a final MTC Goal… Hopefully be able to finish the Book of Mormon (if not..i WILL soon..for I know when I do…oh how the Spirit within me will change); hoping to get those letters all down…and catch up on all the notes in my journal and other Big journal…while trying to keep studying and preparing for Teaching Assignments and Teaching Evaluations we schedule. All in all…I will Do My Best to Show the Lord I Will Do The Work…not only because I Believe in Him…but Because I Love Him. And I know He Loves His Children.And just as I pray to him for help, for miracles…I know he would have each and every one of us be that miracle that someone has prayed for. And we Are. If we but Will Give our hearts to Him.

Mm…I do believe my address for the Philippines is on Facebook. Please give that out to as many people as you can =p! I LOVE Mail haha!! And I will write Megan too…I will I will…man! I say that so much…I need to make sure I do these things. But in my heart, know that I mean it every time I say it. And I WILL! For if it is in one’s heart, truly, then one will do.

Yes mother, I am a grazer too. I try not to eat here either…not too much. Skip a meal or so here or there.Haha…im still in shape! Maybe even better than before! (except I can’t play soccer for the life of me! I FAILED!!! Its been almost a year since last I played…and I failed!) (Volleyball im a pretty good hand at though xD!)

Oh..and that candy…yeah. That went. Pretty darn fast. I’m a grazer…and when it comes to candy…I graze often ;D!!

Sorry bout your accident mom! Fingers must hurt, youch!

And yayy! I hope you liked your date!

I’m glad Dad is busy =D So long as he’s happy!

I’ve sent Brother a letter and so has my companion (my companion’s line of work is right up his alley!) Hopefully we hear from him. If not..well…I’ll send him a letter soon again.

Yes, Sara , I recommended Her. I thought of her…and recommended her because the thought touched my heart. Love her as my friend, such a wonderful spirit.

Thank you for helping Molly..trying to get that CD…it means a lot to me. Please call and keep in touch with her.

YAY!! I will write Lala! (although..hmm…not sure I can see her being retired…Lala usually likes to be DOING things…and she LOVES people. Guess she’ll have to think it over…but I hope she’s happy xD!)

OH MAN I GOTTA GO!!Sorry! I Will Write!


--Your Son and Brother and Grandson,Elder Christopher Lewis

P.S. Mother, Father, Family, Grandmother…I am ever noticing…in my time on my mission…that My dreams and aspirations for life are ever changing…more than I have ever imagined or dreamed…taking me somewhere new… Even my very vision for the rest of my life… And yet…I feel in my heart…that truly…this new developing vision…is exactly what I’ve always ever wanted. This is the Dream of Dreams, for Me.

Before…friends, places, college…my career…soccer forever…my family…living life to the fullest wherever I decided to pursue…many many avenues of aspirations…

But now…a new take…on all of these.

And I am finding…This New Vision. This is the Dream of Dreams, for Me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lalala...lala. guess what?There's been two people in my district quarantined =p!!haha...flu, however not the swine flu. Yet as a precaution, they quarantine those with symptoms for a few days.

actually...just got one of the sisters back =) makes me happy.Trying to stay focused here...again, i get my ups and downs...but when its up its reallyy upp.

Trying to fix certain things within the zone...being a good size zone...we want to have people get to know eachother better. outside of just the districts. and also...we're doing a good job here...yet we feel as though the Spirit could be stronger. There are times when it is so all we do. And yet...for most of the districts, including ours occasionally...we lose focus of WHY each day is so fixed and why we learn things again and again etc. As i said...most of us have a good grasp of what our purpose is...but we really want to Perpetuate the FEELING of that Purpose. Because if we can do that...we will be given the Power to do All Things.

Other than that though...things are going good here =) Two weeks left though...and there is much i want to get done, just sometimes i feel as though time slips past me when I couldve been doing something. Again...I can't quite understand why i don't actively use the language here at the MTC. We are Asked to SYL (speak your language) all the time...and that is so critical. And yet...there are so many little things that come up that give me excuses not to. It's a little bit disheartening too, when i see myself and a lack of motivation or dedication.

But as i said, I am doing well. If I can just work. Do more. Then I know, that even in 2 weeks, my last 2 weeks here, a miracle can happen. A miracle will Happen...if I so Allow it to.

I'm not sick haha =p!! But that's sad...why are you all sick??i boast about how i NEVER get sick xD! And even if i am...i refuse to admit it =pp!

Sunshine is always good medicine, Mother. I'll take pictures and send you some sunshine in the winter when I get there!Mmm...yeah at the bookstore they sell pretty much everything a missionary might need. Converters, yup...adaptor, pretty sure...iron, yeah they've gotta.

And YES! I LOVED the album! It was just what I needed haha!I would absolutley love more pictures...if you want to send me some or grab some from off of Facebook
Or take some new ones! I would LOVE to see them! it feels good to reminisce once in a while. OH! andif you could...get some nice nature pictures. I have one picture of me sitting on the car that lala sent...and i just STARE at the trees in the lush and green!

oh dear...i cant tell you how much I love the Piano. That's amazing that Sister is learning to play. I want to take that up when I return home. Perhaps the violin too! (but thats more of a dream..) Piano and Drums...yeah, that'd be nice

I also want to re-take Spanish somehow...and American Sign Language.And Thus i'll know 4 languages! (maybe even try for french! but yeah...that ones more of a nice afterthought...a nice lil one to learn but maybe i wont)

BROTHER!! WOOO! Way to GO! first trophy...undefeated!! haha, that's amazing. I think i'll gain so much appreciation for life while I'm out here on my mission...i have already...but i mean so. much. more. It will be quite a humbling experience. And I intend to bring it all back home...and to live the things I learn. And share it with my family. I Know we can be so Happy. We are a Happy Family.

Tell me how everyone is doing. This week and next. People in the Ward. Friends and Family.

I don't have all that much to say here bout the MTC...just that i tried to play soccer the other day...and was worn out in about 8 minutes. couldnt do very well for the next 20 or so. It was rough...i cant even run! But i am still in shape...might actually be a bit more defined Pec-wise =p!! =D!!

The rest of the letters I'm still finishing.I just...gahhh! There's so many things I'm trying to do...and i feel like even with planning...i still get none of it done. Even when i plan...i feel like even if i follow through perfectly with the plan...theres so much i missed that i shouldve done. and trust me...i have YET to actually fulfill a planned day completely. planning like this is still a work in progress...

however! again, know that I love you all.And am Doing quite well.

The Grace of God has Kept Me And Will Continue to Embrace Me.

-Elder Lewis

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good to Hear From You!

Hey Ya'll!

Soo...lemme start by stating what I did in my letter (which i JUST sent it should be in the mail by tomorrow):This is my 6th week! I have 3 left here! and on top of that...i never thought i'd find myself saying something like this...but soon i'll only have 22 months left! not that i'm counting down the time...but rather...i'm getting really excited about the work...and to think that i only have that certain amount of time as a missionary...It Really Invigorates Me To Do All I Can Now.

In any the next few days you should recieve a general letter...followed by a package with a couple more inside for various people (i'll finish those ones tonight). Sorry about that...and I've resolved to try and send some form of written letter on Friday or Saturday for the next 3 weeks. Sorry about not being able to in the past...I had certain challenges =P!

But I am in Good Spirits and doing well.

OH! by the way...Thanks for the Candy =D! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I NEEDED candy. I go to eat meals all the time...and i realized that it was kinda making me feel like "blah." Too much food. I don't like just EATING. Maybe one good meal for dinner is all i need. or for lunch. but not THREE full meals. eeckkk...specially with this food. So usually...for two of my meals ill just have cereal (in a cup of course!) (everyone finds that so odd...yet intriguing. And I love itt haha!) So i'll eat 2 cups of cereal or something...or some cookies and milk...just something to NIBBLE on but not too much.

aaaand NOW!! I have candy in my dorm room drawer! MUAHAHA! Munchies!! I live off of these. It's how i do. Candy candy candy.

oh...that reminds me...i need to pick up grandmothers package...that came a day or two ago...and i still havent done that yet.

I receieved the letter for the Card today, as well as the Patriarchal Blessing. I'll read that tonight...but thank you so much! And i don't mind you reading it Mom =) Thats perfectly fine.

Dad...ohh guess what?The other day we started a "punishment program" where for every english word you spoke during the do one push up....friday night I did 50. Saturday night I did 100. (No, not all at once...maybe in the course of 8-10 min)

MAN!! That felt good! I think i might just make that a routine every night! so much more motivating if you have otehr people doing it with you...and it'll help me stay in shape (and i doooo want to stay in shape!) (im afraid ill lose the abs...but maybe i can gain some pecs and work on the abs when i get home! or the philippines ill just sweat it off!)

But yeahh...doing good all around.

This week, on Tuesday, Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke during devotional. It was an amazing fireside. I've been enjoying thse moments fully.

I'm not gonna lie...i almost TOTALLY forgot about lose track of all else in here!

OH! almost guess what time i end up waking up at every morning? Either 4 or 430...on the dot, every Morning. It feels so natural...and then if I get up i feel good. If i stay asleep...i feel so lazy and wake up and feel all sluggish =p! Dunno how I'm gonna fix that.But yup...thats what waking up at 4am for a long time does to ya.

Good to hear ya'll enjoyed your halloween. And its great to hear about the Kids. I Miss Them. I love hearing the stories, because I can picture them in my mind. It's wonderful.

I didn't realize it...but I'd like some pictures if you guys could send them. I know you said you'd send some...but general pictures too. Tell Brody and Ethan and Lauren and what not to ok? I enjoy looking at the few pictures I have with me from time to time. And I LOVE the one Lala sent me with a picture of me on the white car and our neighbors house in the background...I love looking at our neighborhood and those trees...all i ever get to see here is Campus...MTC Campus.

You still haven't told me if there was anything you wanted at the Bookstore Mom.

Oh yes...please go through all the emails you send and I send and see if theres any questions either you or I have asked each other and neither of us have addressed. That way...we can address them =)

Yes...stories. Yup yup...i love to hear stories any and all. please send 'em. As i said...i have found an area of time where I can write back i will. As i'll recieve some mail soon for various people xD

I've been teaching in Tagalog now too...THATS interesting.Just when the Lord had granted me power to testify of my love for this Gospel in English...NOW I'm teaching sa Tagalog. Oh Dearr...thats gonna take some time. Although the Gospel is the same, in any language. Different words, even when translated exactly. But the same meaning.

As I mentioned...I'm a zone leader now and the zone is coming along well. They are a great bunch of guys (and sisters) (oops...i should call them Elders). theres about 40-50 of us All in Total. But still...i love our particualr District of 8 sooo much. I intend to keep well in touch with a number, if not all of them.

Bye My family, my time is Up.I love you all...i really need to make a list of things to send you in an email...that way its not generic...i need to write more stuff down...darnitt =PP!

Love all of You Guys! All the Kids, 'n Rebecca (cuz she's not a 'kid' anymore i guess =pp! still daughter yup...and a youngin'...but i guess i wont call her a kid xD!)

And My Dear, Dear Parents,Who Have Taught Me Oh So Much.And To Have Faith. For Through Faith...I can do Miracles.

Mom & Dad......How Grateful I am for you both, and for the wonderful example you set as Parents.

And My Sweet Grandmother ...haha! God knows He Sent a Gem when He Sent Her. Love That Gal! Never was Anyone Like her. And Thats RIGHT! Cuz she's mine.

Love You All!!

--elder Lewis

Monday, October 26, 2009

Re: mom again

OHhhh! You have no idea how good this feels.Starting just last wednesday, we have been asked to speak Only Tagalog. For the rest of our time here at the MTC....Yes, of course we cheat, all the time. But STILL! its interesting. and its nice to write in English.

I must say, I did a bit of studying the other night, and clicked.the language just all of a sudden clicked. Not that it didnt click before...its just i hadn't tried to understand it yet.however...i need to study it again...because the basics i studied and it clicked, however, for the rest to click i need to sit down and actively study it again. They try and have you Plan your Day sooo...fixedly...15min increments and whatnot...and it just really fragments my ability to study. Granted...the concept makes sense...its just not what I'm used to. I like delving in for a whole hour or so into something...and i don't have that time. So when i study starts to come...and then BAM, 15 min gone, time to move on to something else...its interesting.

HOWEVER, it is coming. And I am enjoying myself quite a bit.I apologize, however...for having not sent that Letter to you yet. It had already been started last Monday...however...Mom somehow the time gets away from me...and lil by lil everything adds up of the things that get away from me...and I can't catch up. And i like to DEVOTE my attention to letters I write...i cant merely spend just a half hour writing...because then i feel like i scanted it short.

And so things pile up...i get to some things...however for the most part...i keep not getting to the things like that letter i really WANT to do...which would require at least an hour or so of my time, and because i havent been able to find that time anywhere in a's been hard.

I'll have it out in the next couple of days...I'm sorry.

But yeah...i guess i might as well say a couple things that were in that letter then:

I'm a Zone Leader now =PP!3 weeks, and yup. The story behind it is already written in my letter, so I'll save that...but yup...and there are now about 40ish new Missionaries in our Zone. It's fun =)

And I love reading your letters...ill (hopefully) get to address everyone individually at least in a short letter to you all (i'll find some time one morning...)

I happen to wake up like clockwork at 4am every morning.However...even though I've woken up at this time every morning...and COULD get out of bed and do stuff...i HAVENT. that AMAZES me. I should. because i gain some time to catch up. we'll see. I plan to do that tomorrow morning.

Also...haha...interesting story about My Temple Reccomend as well =) (already written in future letter)

so...did the computer work? was i wrong? sorry...i'm not there to fix it...i swear the computers probably fine you just have to DIG.

I'm getting so tired of eating food...its so boring. But its just what we DO. and its not like i can go sit and write something...cuz there are no reading or writing in the cafe...and my companion is not one who would want to skip with me, nor anyone else for that matter. *sigh* I'm unique.

I've gotten QUITE adept at volleyball...i must say ;) Nahh...not that good yet, but i play it every day. and i've gotten a lot better and actually, i was quite fond of it before the mission, and this is my nice escape for the day during gym time (because 1. no one wanted to play soccer outside in our gym class and 2. now some new missionaries want to but they think its too cold...*sigh* i would.) But yup, gettin good at that ;)

And spiritually, I'm doing well. I have my ups and downs. Usually, for some reason...i have a grand Spiritual High one day...and the just falls. I've since thought on this...and have made progress to remedy this. Much better now.

Good to hear everyone is so active! Sorry brother...I know, not playing soccer or sports or something is kinda saddening...too bad they dont let you play in the mud yet, thats the BEST!

And it's good to hear sister...well no its not good to hear she's hurt...however! It's Good! Lesson learned. And you find out your passion for what your doing. And hey, its supposed to happen. not really. But it happens anyway. Keep at it =)

Same goes for other sister...if you're gonna be goalie...get ready for that to happen a lot. And because you're are IMPORTANT...which sometimes the judges give you a lil' more leeway than the forwards on the other team. So be tough when you get the ball...and make sure you put the other forwards in their place. you are the Goalie. If they are gonna come in, remember, THEY better be careful. But yes, you will experience things like this alot. Just let em know how intimidating you can be.

youngest sister!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! hahahaha. That will be funnny later =) sorry bout the money mom., be good. Keep Being a Princess. And Be Nice!! xD!!

youngest brother sang? aww... =)it was interesting...there was a baby in sacrament meeting the other day...i havent heard the sound of a baby in FOREVER! =) Miss You.

Hope all Ya'll Kids are playing with each other and Havin' Fun!Love Ya'll!

And dad, no I don't think I can get pictures. Sorry. Not via email.And in particular...i wouldnt have time to look at them either.unless they came regular mail.

Nothing I need right now...perhaps that watch thingamajig...i dont have one here and im always struggling to figure out the time.

Also...Mom, what kinda things you interested in at this MTC STore?I get 40% discount on certain things as a Missionary (but not all things...just mission related stuff)

They have pretty much cd's, hymn books, book of mormons, shirts, etc.(i would rather have crummy shorts or shirts though and not want to buy em...MTC logo stuff is like any other brand name stuff...lil pricey)

and they have free engrave your name on book thing here they kind of have backpack things...but see if you can find that fanny pack thing...

but yup! Times almost up! Thats 30 minutes worth of writing!So Thank You so Much Family!I've been getting more emails from people =) That always makes me happy.Didn't get your Dear Elder yet dad...either later on today or tomorrow.(Its 1253pm 253pm there)

Love You All.And I'll write! Promise!

--Elder Lewis

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

I apologize, guys! I haven't been able to send my next letter home yet...i have most of the ideas i want to write in the letter written on random pieces of study paper (from tagolog to devotional study sheets =pp!) however...i haven't composed all of it yet...I'll do that tonight.

And i was thinking...i think I will write you all some individual letters now and again...or at least, address you all uniquely somehow (because that would be a lot of letters to send)

I'm just always so busyy...and it's hard sometimes.I tell you, I have NEVER had such spiritual highs such as I am blessed to have here. I have felt this same Spirit many times in my life...but now I truly am coming to Love it...and Desire it Always.

Perhaps thats why sometimes i tend to have down days's not that those days are Bad persay...but little things that occur...and take me away from my focus, or small things that just add up. In any case...i feel an absence of the Spirit. And sometimes...instead of working to get it back...sometimes i let the day drudge on and get away from me...and then I'm a lil depressed that I let the day slide...But I'm working on trying to Always have a Positive Attitude...even when I feel like I've Lost my focus, I'm striving to gain it back.

The Tagalog...i wish I could say I've been studying. Truth is...i really havent. i KNOW my capabilities of studying...and I have hardly put much effort into studying this yet...and it is somewhat reflective of my ability to speak it. Granted, I'm still on par with most of the district...but I know my capabilities...and i feel like i am FAR from my potential if I truly desired to Study. This is also something that sometimes gets me a lil down.

However! I must say that I am in High Spirits.And not that I'm banking on this fact, but know this to be true:"You can learn EVERYTHING, you can have EVERYTHING, right now. If you truly desire. If you Decide. And If You Will Seek With All Diligence."

I have always known my biggest issue to be Pride. Of course I joke around a bit about it with mom and dad and everyone from time to time...and i really am not an overly PRIDEFUL person...however, i do have much inner Pride.And it is both a little frustrating, and yet, so relieving to know that I come Closer to Him as I Humble myself.Hard to do...but at the same feels so good.

Mother, my next letter will be a good one...i leave most email details out because i want to write them via real mail.I apologize if you cannot read my handwriting...but i'd rather write it there...i have more time and i can think better than in the 15 minutes i have left, under pressure.

And i know i said i'd send you it last monday...ill do my best to write it tonight and send it...i know my last email was rather bland.

Do me a favor though?Save all these emails? As you send them?Save them, print them out, make a folder...of all you send and all i send to you. That way you have them all and I have them all (through you) when I return home. Thank you.

Yes mom, please mail me a copy of my patriarchal blessing. I would love to have one.

I'm so glad to hear everyone's doing well in their respective spheres. Sister...haha if she keeps at it, who knows, she may very well be the best by senior year! (and even before!) (she seemed like she enjoyed it when she started)

And thank you Aaron, for the solo!

OH, and yes, i did recieve the package...i believe on Tuesday. It was pretty fast.

Thank you all for the mail!

We will have a LOT of fun when I get home.P.s. Dad, you know what? Mormons really are the masters of networking. I'm not really all that social here...partially because I'm trying to maintain my focus, partially because my companion isnt that social, partially because im trying not to speak that much english (...and since i haven't been studying...i dont speak much Tagalog either!) and partially because...etc.

HOWEVER!! I've met so many people here, that I WILL keep tabs on. Not close close tabs...but the fact that i can call them up, and they will remember me. thats the kind of relationship we can have after the mission.

Well...thats about all the time I have for today...I'm doing laundry now too...oh dear! can you believe they MAKE me make my bed??I DONT EVEN WANT TO USE ANYTHING BUT A PILLOW!They make me use it, make it, reuse it, make it...dear me if it was up to me i wouldnt use the sheets or blankets or NADA!

oh oh! and we STILL have this rule of "no touching" here at the MTC because of the flu or something...i dont know...suffice it to say that they finally banned our 'pound its' (fist bumps) so missionaries cant even touch eachother THAT way!

uh oh gotta go BYE!!LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

End of Week 3!

Good Afternoon, Family! a few things to say before i forget.1. thank you all for your past emails...i love hearing about what goes on at home...its like a mini world in here...and sometimes i forget that things still are happening outside of the MTC, so please...even the littlest stories of your day would be nice, please keep sending me emails =)

2. if you do write me, please make sure they are all written by sunday night...because i check them around noon on Monday here (2pm there)...and i can only come to the lab once please, just so i never miss those emails, send them early.

3. did you get my last email? from last week? because it said there was an error...i have sent you a total of 2 emails (this being the third) and the last one talked about...stuff...haha i dont remember...ill try to re email it again too if i have time.

But anyway...tell me all thats going on...and ill give you a lil run down of whats happening now.

So...planning...theres a white missionary planbook...and i DESPISE it...i find it so cumbersome. darn schedule getting in my way of organizing things how i like to...its a weird format. BUT, i have found quite a new love for Planning. Planning is something you can completely throw your heart into. And YOU DECIDE what will happen in your week. Exactly how accomplished you want to dependant upon what you choose to set as your goals and plans for that week. When we Plan sincerely...thats when the Lord comes in. I'll mention that in my supplemental letter i will send you via real mail.

Mmm...and you know what else is interesting? three weeks really have flown by. My gosh...i cant believe how quickly the time is going. Because there really is nothing else to think about save it be Missionary Work...every day is really inspiring and they just fly by.

I will send you some pictures Mom, I have a few, but I havent developed them yet, and i need to take some better ones of my companion and me (i dont really have any...haha)

in any case...what else has been happening with me hmm?well...i've gotten awfully good at volleyball! that's what i do with my Gym time. an hour a day, vball everyday, oh yeah, i better be getting good. our zone the other district leaves tomorrow morning, and they had some good i will just have to completely annihilate the new rookies who come in on Wed.(we are getting 37 new missionaries to the tagalog zone) (...and guess what? I am now the zone leader...oh boyy =pp!)

I will expound on certain things in my other letter, but yeah, thats whats happening.

Truly...i cannot tell you how blessed I feel becauseof the teachers we have and the unity and spirit of our zone. Truly one of a kind...even throughout the whole MTC.

Also...i havent been able to actually WATCH a movie yet here...always been a meeting or something i need to attend...however, on Sunday nights everyone gets to watch a movie...usually a choice of one of four that evening. And ive caught the last 5 minutes of The Prophet Joseph Smith-The Restoration (i think its called that) and the last 15 minutes of Testaments. Both are amazing...and I think it would be fantastic to watch them on Sundays. There are SO many good Sunday movies aorund...I'd recommend asking around and looking for some.

ALSO! Check out on the website:Music with a Message (mom you will LOVE these types of might have to search around a bit to find the sound clips...ask someone to help you, or actually...mayeb you'll find it! but they are awesome! add THOSE to your collection of songs of sunday music =D)

And Mormon Messages on the same sight are also nice movie clips with wonderful short stories =)

By the way...I hear you are enjoying the computer eh, mom? =D I'm glad. I hope you guys do let it see some good use...because two years from may even be obsolete. but thats not why i want you to use it. Saving stuff for me is nice...just like the idea of the toys...but they are meant to be used, so use them! xD!Besides...its faster, portable...and i bet you could have a lil fun mom!

And I will write a letter to sister Johnson. Besides, she is another person I enjoyed very much! I'm glad to hear the ward is doing well, and that their spirits are high =)

My companion and I are growing well together for the most part...there are still some times where I think we sometimes "crunch" a is quickly resolved. I cannot really explain it well without sounding harsh...nor do i wish to focus on why, because that is not why we are here, and definitely does not bring the Spirit. Suffice it to say we continually strive to keep the Spirit with us.

Mmm...the Tagalog is coming...i really feel like i am not quite where I could be...but then again...i COULD do more practicing...i just am very shy with the language speaking to other people when i have a very small grasp on it...

But I'm trying.

OH! But i must make note, really quickly here, that our particular district JUST went to our first trip to the Referral Center (where people ask questions about the church via chat message or phone call) (we shouldve done this in our first week...but didnt actually do it until our 3rd, i dont know what the mix up was)

BUT! i am out of time.

There was a girl, named Sonia. And I spoke to her via chat message. And she is 14 and entering high school...and she just made me think of Sister...and I spent a good hour and 20 minutes chatting with her until i had to leave.

And that experience...made me feel that this work is was just a taste...but so amazing.

I love you all! and i must go.but please...tell me some stories! And I'll ask questions as you do!

P.s. and yes, this email is for everyone, not just too dad, even though i didnt say your name in here xD!Love You Dad!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Again!

Kamusta Kayo! (How Are You All?)

Haha! This language is so much fun!it sounds so sing songy, and its just a joy. Although i do have to say, I need to practice...because I am a bit shy trying to speak a language to random people because I don't always know the words to say right away, and have to stop and think about it. On the other hand, if i dont constantly practice, I'll never be comfortable! Pasencha! (Have Patience With Me!) turns out i FINALLY was able to mail out all the letters i had intended to write...that was something weighing me down. I sent a substantial letter finally this morning that should arrive home in the next few days...just know that i wrote it a lil bit ago, in notes, and didnt finally have time to put it into a letter form until i pulled an all nighter (SHH!! not supposed to do that!)

But yes, ohh dearr haha! So I'm quite enjoying myself here.

Oh my...I can't even begin to describe conference.Suffice it to say thus (something my teacher Brother Leslie said, so eloquently):

Angels Minister Among the Conference Hall, But Christ Sits With the Missionaries.

And truly, I have never felt such POWER as I have experienced this conference. And oh, the power of Hymns! Singing...I never realized how truly wonderful some of the music in this church is. The melodies...and the lyrics. I do hope you will play hymns on sunday mother, they bring such a wonderful atmosphere, the spirit.

But i will let my letter suffice concerning General Conference.

Haha, Dad, I have not yet had time to read your emails...i only have 30 min on a computer on mondays!! No Time! but i print them out for the most part and logout to save time...(because it will go back to 30 min if i can finish before 29.01 countdown) but your emails through dearelder are an awkward format for Missionary i will wait for the pouch service.

HOWEVER! i laughed, smiled, and choked up a bit over all your emails. Thank you so much, my wonderful family.

And I FINALLY got a haircut like 2 hours was longg hehehe...(its SO hard to schedule a haircut here)

Brother! Haha! What are you doing! hahahaha! I hope it heals! I'm glad to hear youre rambunxious as ever. Dont lose that! Just learn when to calm down. You will be so great Brother. Sports. School. People...You will be THE MAN! Because to me, you already are.

And little Brother...I am away. Only for a time. When I come home, I will hold you so dear. But I am not so far away. Yes...I am at Work.

Younger Sister...that was a very touching letter...i have very little time left (2 min) and already wrote the last half of this letter so thats already i must cut out. But i will not get sick. I am Heman, after all. PLUS! ...actually nvm... theyve asked us now not to handshake or hug...but PFFT! I DO IT ANYWAY!! haha!

Sister, I love YOU! I'm so glad you are Happy =)

And little are a Princess.

Grandmother...I Will Write You Soon...But know that i have my picture of me kissing you up, and i love it and they all tease me all the time, but i wouldnt have it any other way!

But all is well. My dear Family. I am So Blessed. This District truly is one of a kind. Unique in all aspects. There is a Spirit within our small group of 8 that only we can bring. Truly, we have been preserved and prepared. Four sisters, four elders. We have plenty of fun, talking about babylonian things...but we get right back to work. And when the spirit comes...oh overwhelms.

In fact, mother, I must tell you this. Because I feel it...with all My Soul:

The Lord Is Preparing Us...To Be Among the Most High.

There is a man here, Brother Leslie...and when he speaks...I feel the Power of One Who Stands With Christ. He Speaks By The Same Spirit, The Same Power, The Same Authority, as Those Men Elect of God, Our Dear Apostles and Prophets.

There is No Doubt in My Mind That the Lord Has a Great Work For Him in the Future. He Will Stand With God, Mother. He Will. When We Return...If He Remains Immovable...He Will Stand With God.

And our Great Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ...They Have Given Us this NO coincidence.

There are good missionaries. There are even Great missionaries. And the Lord is Well Pleased. However...there is a Higher Calling. One like unto the Prophets. And it is available to all men. It is a Choice. But not all ever fully understand it. And this Man, Brother Leslie...through Him, and the Spirit...I'm learning of that Choice. Once Made, Mother, One NEVER goes back. He Loves the Lord...Until His Dying Breath...and then On Throughout Eternity. I Hear him explain this calling. And it makes sense...however. I am still learning...still growing. And Day...I Will Understand, and Make that Choice: A Higher Calling.

I Love You, My Family. Please, continue to write. I am Well.And My Heart is Full For You.Because I Know That My Redeemer Lives. How Great He Is. And How Much My Family Will Always Mean to Him.

--Elder Lewis

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your Son Is @ the MTC!

Magadang Umaga!Good Morning!

Mom! Haha. Let me start by saying that this email is only going to be used for general purposes, i.e. i will write you a letter in addition to this email. Please let dad know this email, and send it to andrea and ask her to give it to anyone who would like it.

But yes, i only have about 25 min on a computer for a week.So let's get started.

AHH!! The MTC is so. darn. BUSY!!I have no time. NO TIME. However, this is also a good thing. The day is so rigidly conformed that it keeps us as missionaries on task.

I felt quite a wonderful emotion as I first entered the MTC when we parted, and knew that the Lord would help me be quite successful.

However, in these first few days, which really have flown by, I have been overcome with so much information, plus some other stressors on my mind of things I want to get done for myself, that one of these days I just felt sooo...impossible with myself. Inadequate in a way. To expound: I love everything that i was being presented with, i love the lessons and the purpose and sooo much about being here, however...THERE IS NO TIME. It seems there is no time to get half of what is on my mind done.

And then...I felt quite comforted. One day...I just felt quite comforted.

I feel quite at home here. I feel the Spirit, Mother. I feel it. Every. Day.And, slowly, this Gospel is truly becoming a part of me.

I can't believe that for the next 8 weeks, I will get to feel this Spiritual high every day! Granted, some missionaries get tired of the feeling. But we have been promised, that as we truly seek to lose ourselves in this work, to unify our hearts with the Lord and the purpose here, for HIS children, then every day will be wonderful.

And I have to tell you, Mother, every day IS beautiful. For me. For you.For anyone in this world. See the world for its beauty. How marvelous that such a Plan has been created for us, that we can KNOW and FEEL the love. Of the Family. Of our Friends. Of people, good people, who we have never met. This world is truly an amazing place.

Thank you, Lord, for this Glory.

I intend to find some time...albeit there exists none.To write You, Lala, and David. I will find time! But know that I am trying, and I would love mail even if it is hard to respond on my part!

Again, please encourage any and all to write me, it is such a heartwarming feeling to receive mail.

However, I must tell you thus: despite my minor feelings of doubt or inadequacy or stress at times, I FEEL why I am here.

Preach My Gospel...such a wonderful book. Concise. Those plain and precious truths which we hold dear. I am here...for the Lord. For my brethren...I love them.

Father, Thank you so much, for your support. I cannot tell you how many times I read something and think of something I would like to just mull over for a few minutes with you. There are so many wonderful messages I hear.

And I will testify again, as I did in my farewell talk, how important those small revelations in our lives are. The Spirit speaks to us. Every Day. Heed them. Within the walls of our home, in the company of our family. At work. At church. He is there for us. Always. Even if just to make us smile.

To my dear, dear family. I love you all so very much. I do hope these next two years you find yourselves quite happy. Please, please remember: Be Who You Want to Be. You decide. Who You Will Be. How Wonderful Our Home Can Be. How Wonderful Your Lives Can Be. And if you listen to TRULY what your heart desires, to those precious feelings, you will be so happy. The Lord will bless you with exceedingly great happiness. And all your dreams, your desires...will come true.

It's like a fairy is a fairy tale. And it's Real.

Lala...I love you so much! I don't have time in this letter to say much I will strive to write a letter. But I HAD to mention you in here!I'm afraid I'm getting FAT! They FEED ME FAR TOO MUCH! Haha!!I miss you, My dear, dear Lala. Be always have been so strong. I testify to you, that the Lord loves you. With All His heart...beyond all power imaginable...he Knows You Lala...He loves You.

Pinatotohanan ko na walanghanggan ang Pamilya.I know that Families are Eternal.

I Love You, My Family.

I Love You. So Much. And That's Why I'm Serving For Two Years.

...and I'm crying...I don't cry often. But I know when I feel the spirit.And oh, I feel it so much. Here and now. For You.

I cry. Every day.

--Elder Lewis

p.s. Tell that Sorenson Girl (new girl here for 6 weeks at our ward) That I Found her cousin! Sister Emily Sorenson! =D!!!


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