Monday, October 26, 2009

Re: mom again

OHhhh! You have no idea how good this feels.Starting just last wednesday, we have been asked to speak Only Tagalog. For the rest of our time here at the MTC....Yes, of course we cheat, all the time. But STILL! its interesting. and its nice to write in English.

I must say, I did a bit of studying the other night, and clicked.the language just all of a sudden clicked. Not that it didnt click before...its just i hadn't tried to understand it yet.however...i need to study it again...because the basics i studied and it clicked, however, for the rest to click i need to sit down and actively study it again. They try and have you Plan your Day sooo...fixedly...15min increments and whatnot...and it just really fragments my ability to study. Granted...the concept makes sense...its just not what I'm used to. I like delving in for a whole hour or so into something...and i don't have that time. So when i study starts to come...and then BAM, 15 min gone, time to move on to something else...its interesting.

HOWEVER, it is coming. And I am enjoying myself quite a bit.I apologize, however...for having not sent that Letter to you yet. It had already been started last Monday...however...Mom somehow the time gets away from me...and lil by lil everything adds up of the things that get away from me...and I can't catch up. And i like to DEVOTE my attention to letters I write...i cant merely spend just a half hour writing...because then i feel like i scanted it short.

And so things pile up...i get to some things...however for the most part...i keep not getting to the things like that letter i really WANT to do...which would require at least an hour or so of my time, and because i havent been able to find that time anywhere in a's been hard.

I'll have it out in the next couple of days...I'm sorry.

But yeah...i guess i might as well say a couple things that were in that letter then:

I'm a Zone Leader now =PP!3 weeks, and yup. The story behind it is already written in my letter, so I'll save that...but yup...and there are now about 40ish new Missionaries in our Zone. It's fun =)

And I love reading your letters...ill (hopefully) get to address everyone individually at least in a short letter to you all (i'll find some time one morning...)

I happen to wake up like clockwork at 4am every morning.However...even though I've woken up at this time every morning...and COULD get out of bed and do stuff...i HAVENT. that AMAZES me. I should. because i gain some time to catch up. we'll see. I plan to do that tomorrow morning.

Also...haha...interesting story about My Temple Reccomend as well =) (already written in future letter)

so...did the computer work? was i wrong? sorry...i'm not there to fix it...i swear the computers probably fine you just have to DIG.

I'm getting so tired of eating food...its so boring. But its just what we DO. and its not like i can go sit and write something...cuz there are no reading or writing in the cafe...and my companion is not one who would want to skip with me, nor anyone else for that matter. *sigh* I'm unique.

I've gotten QUITE adept at volleyball...i must say ;) Nahh...not that good yet, but i play it every day. and i've gotten a lot better and actually, i was quite fond of it before the mission, and this is my nice escape for the day during gym time (because 1. no one wanted to play soccer outside in our gym class and 2. now some new missionaries want to but they think its too cold...*sigh* i would.) But yup, gettin good at that ;)

And spiritually, I'm doing well. I have my ups and downs. Usually, for some reason...i have a grand Spiritual High one day...and the just falls. I've since thought on this...and have made progress to remedy this. Much better now.

Good to hear everyone is so active! Sorry brother...I know, not playing soccer or sports or something is kinda saddening...too bad they dont let you play in the mud yet, thats the BEST!

And it's good to hear sister...well no its not good to hear she's hurt...however! It's Good! Lesson learned. And you find out your passion for what your doing. And hey, its supposed to happen. not really. But it happens anyway. Keep at it =)

Same goes for other sister...if you're gonna be goalie...get ready for that to happen a lot. And because you're are IMPORTANT...which sometimes the judges give you a lil' more leeway than the forwards on the other team. So be tough when you get the ball...and make sure you put the other forwards in their place. you are the Goalie. If they are gonna come in, remember, THEY better be careful. But yes, you will experience things like this alot. Just let em know how intimidating you can be.

youngest sister!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! hahahaha. That will be funnny later =) sorry bout the money mom., be good. Keep Being a Princess. And Be Nice!! xD!!

youngest brother sang? aww... =)it was interesting...there was a baby in sacrament meeting the other day...i havent heard the sound of a baby in FOREVER! =) Miss You.

Hope all Ya'll Kids are playing with each other and Havin' Fun!Love Ya'll!

And dad, no I don't think I can get pictures. Sorry. Not via email.And in particular...i wouldnt have time to look at them either.unless they came regular mail.

Nothing I need right now...perhaps that watch thingamajig...i dont have one here and im always struggling to figure out the time.

Also...Mom, what kinda things you interested in at this MTC STore?I get 40% discount on certain things as a Missionary (but not all things...just mission related stuff)

They have pretty much cd's, hymn books, book of mormons, shirts, etc.(i would rather have crummy shorts or shirts though and not want to buy em...MTC logo stuff is like any other brand name stuff...lil pricey)

and they have free engrave your name on book thing here they kind of have backpack things...but see if you can find that fanny pack thing...

but yup! Times almost up! Thats 30 minutes worth of writing!So Thank You so Much Family!I've been getting more emails from people =) That always makes me happy.Didn't get your Dear Elder yet dad...either later on today or tomorrow.(Its 1253pm 253pm there)

Love You All.And I'll write! Promise!

--Elder Lewis

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

I apologize, guys! I haven't been able to send my next letter home yet...i have most of the ideas i want to write in the letter written on random pieces of study paper (from tagolog to devotional study sheets =pp!) however...i haven't composed all of it yet...I'll do that tonight.

And i was thinking...i think I will write you all some individual letters now and again...or at least, address you all uniquely somehow (because that would be a lot of letters to send)

I'm just always so busyy...and it's hard sometimes.I tell you, I have NEVER had such spiritual highs such as I am blessed to have here. I have felt this same Spirit many times in my life...but now I truly am coming to Love it...and Desire it Always.

Perhaps thats why sometimes i tend to have down days's not that those days are Bad persay...but little things that occur...and take me away from my focus, or small things that just add up. In any case...i feel an absence of the Spirit. And sometimes...instead of working to get it back...sometimes i let the day drudge on and get away from me...and then I'm a lil depressed that I let the day slide...But I'm working on trying to Always have a Positive Attitude...even when I feel like I've Lost my focus, I'm striving to gain it back.

The Tagalog...i wish I could say I've been studying. Truth is...i really havent. i KNOW my capabilities of studying...and I have hardly put much effort into studying this yet...and it is somewhat reflective of my ability to speak it. Granted, I'm still on par with most of the district...but I know my capabilities...and i feel like i am FAR from my potential if I truly desired to Study. This is also something that sometimes gets me a lil down.

However! I must say that I am in High Spirits.And not that I'm banking on this fact, but know this to be true:"You can learn EVERYTHING, you can have EVERYTHING, right now. If you truly desire. If you Decide. And If You Will Seek With All Diligence."

I have always known my biggest issue to be Pride. Of course I joke around a bit about it with mom and dad and everyone from time to time...and i really am not an overly PRIDEFUL person...however, i do have much inner Pride.And it is both a little frustrating, and yet, so relieving to know that I come Closer to Him as I Humble myself.Hard to do...but at the same feels so good.

Mother, my next letter will be a good one...i leave most email details out because i want to write them via real mail.I apologize if you cannot read my handwriting...but i'd rather write it there...i have more time and i can think better than in the 15 minutes i have left, under pressure.

And i know i said i'd send you it last monday...ill do my best to write it tonight and send it...i know my last email was rather bland.

Do me a favor though?Save all these emails? As you send them?Save them, print them out, make a folder...of all you send and all i send to you. That way you have them all and I have them all (through you) when I return home. Thank you.

Yes mom, please mail me a copy of my patriarchal blessing. I would love to have one.

I'm so glad to hear everyone's doing well in their respective spheres. Sister...haha if she keeps at it, who knows, she may very well be the best by senior year! (and even before!) (she seemed like she enjoyed it when she started)

And thank you Aaron, for the solo!

OH, and yes, i did recieve the package...i believe on Tuesday. It was pretty fast.

Thank you all for the mail!

We will have a LOT of fun when I get home.P.s. Dad, you know what? Mormons really are the masters of networking. I'm not really all that social here...partially because I'm trying to maintain my focus, partially because my companion isnt that social, partially because im trying not to speak that much english (...and since i haven't been studying...i dont speak much Tagalog either!) and partially because...etc.

HOWEVER!! I've met so many people here, that I WILL keep tabs on. Not close close tabs...but the fact that i can call them up, and they will remember me. thats the kind of relationship we can have after the mission.

Well...thats about all the time I have for today...I'm doing laundry now too...oh dear! can you believe they MAKE me make my bed??I DONT EVEN WANT TO USE ANYTHING BUT A PILLOW!They make me use it, make it, reuse it, make it...dear me if it was up to me i wouldnt use the sheets or blankets or NADA!

oh oh! and we STILL have this rule of "no touching" here at the MTC because of the flu or something...i dont know...suffice it to say that they finally banned our 'pound its' (fist bumps) so missionaries cant even touch eachother THAT way!

uh oh gotta go BYE!!LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

End of Week 3!

Good Afternoon, Family! a few things to say before i forget.1. thank you all for your past emails...i love hearing about what goes on at home...its like a mini world in here...and sometimes i forget that things still are happening outside of the MTC, so please...even the littlest stories of your day would be nice, please keep sending me emails =)

2. if you do write me, please make sure they are all written by sunday night...because i check them around noon on Monday here (2pm there)...and i can only come to the lab once please, just so i never miss those emails, send them early.

3. did you get my last email? from last week? because it said there was an error...i have sent you a total of 2 emails (this being the third) and the last one talked about...stuff...haha i dont remember...ill try to re email it again too if i have time.

But anyway...tell me all thats going on...and ill give you a lil run down of whats happening now.

So...planning...theres a white missionary planbook...and i DESPISE it...i find it so cumbersome. darn schedule getting in my way of organizing things how i like to...its a weird format. BUT, i have found quite a new love for Planning. Planning is something you can completely throw your heart into. And YOU DECIDE what will happen in your week. Exactly how accomplished you want to dependant upon what you choose to set as your goals and plans for that week. When we Plan sincerely...thats when the Lord comes in. I'll mention that in my supplemental letter i will send you via real mail.

Mmm...and you know what else is interesting? three weeks really have flown by. My gosh...i cant believe how quickly the time is going. Because there really is nothing else to think about save it be Missionary Work...every day is really inspiring and they just fly by.

I will send you some pictures Mom, I have a few, but I havent developed them yet, and i need to take some better ones of my companion and me (i dont really have any...haha)

in any case...what else has been happening with me hmm?well...i've gotten awfully good at volleyball! that's what i do with my Gym time. an hour a day, vball everyday, oh yeah, i better be getting good. our zone the other district leaves tomorrow morning, and they had some good i will just have to completely annihilate the new rookies who come in on Wed.(we are getting 37 new missionaries to the tagalog zone) (...and guess what? I am now the zone leader...oh boyy =pp!)

I will expound on certain things in my other letter, but yeah, thats whats happening.

Truly...i cannot tell you how blessed I feel becauseof the teachers we have and the unity and spirit of our zone. Truly one of a kind...even throughout the whole MTC.

Also...i havent been able to actually WATCH a movie yet here...always been a meeting or something i need to attend...however, on Sunday nights everyone gets to watch a movie...usually a choice of one of four that evening. And ive caught the last 5 minutes of The Prophet Joseph Smith-The Restoration (i think its called that) and the last 15 minutes of Testaments. Both are amazing...and I think it would be fantastic to watch them on Sundays. There are SO many good Sunday movies aorund...I'd recommend asking around and looking for some.

ALSO! Check out on the website:Music with a Message (mom you will LOVE these types of might have to search around a bit to find the sound clips...ask someone to help you, or actually...mayeb you'll find it! but they are awesome! add THOSE to your collection of songs of sunday music =D)

And Mormon Messages on the same sight are also nice movie clips with wonderful short stories =)

By the way...I hear you are enjoying the computer eh, mom? =D I'm glad. I hope you guys do let it see some good use...because two years from may even be obsolete. but thats not why i want you to use it. Saving stuff for me is nice...just like the idea of the toys...but they are meant to be used, so use them! xD!Besides...its faster, portable...and i bet you could have a lil fun mom!

And I will write a letter to sister Johnson. Besides, she is another person I enjoyed very much! I'm glad to hear the ward is doing well, and that their spirits are high =)

My companion and I are growing well together for the most part...there are still some times where I think we sometimes "crunch" a is quickly resolved. I cannot really explain it well without sounding harsh...nor do i wish to focus on why, because that is not why we are here, and definitely does not bring the Spirit. Suffice it to say we continually strive to keep the Spirit with us.

Mmm...the Tagalog is coming...i really feel like i am not quite where I could be...but then again...i COULD do more practicing...i just am very shy with the language speaking to other people when i have a very small grasp on it...

But I'm trying.

OH! But i must make note, really quickly here, that our particular district JUST went to our first trip to the Referral Center (where people ask questions about the church via chat message or phone call) (we shouldve done this in our first week...but didnt actually do it until our 3rd, i dont know what the mix up was)

BUT! i am out of time.

There was a girl, named Sonia. And I spoke to her via chat message. And she is 14 and entering high school...and she just made me think of Sister...and I spent a good hour and 20 minutes chatting with her until i had to leave.

And that experience...made me feel that this work is was just a taste...but so amazing.

I love you all! and i must go.but please...tell me some stories! And I'll ask questions as you do!

P.s. and yes, this email is for everyone, not just too dad, even though i didnt say your name in here xD!Love You Dad!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Again!

Kamusta Kayo! (How Are You All?)

Haha! This language is so much fun!it sounds so sing songy, and its just a joy. Although i do have to say, I need to practice...because I am a bit shy trying to speak a language to random people because I don't always know the words to say right away, and have to stop and think about it. On the other hand, if i dont constantly practice, I'll never be comfortable! Pasencha! (Have Patience With Me!) turns out i FINALLY was able to mail out all the letters i had intended to write...that was something weighing me down. I sent a substantial letter finally this morning that should arrive home in the next few days...just know that i wrote it a lil bit ago, in notes, and didnt finally have time to put it into a letter form until i pulled an all nighter (SHH!! not supposed to do that!)

But yes, ohh dearr haha! So I'm quite enjoying myself here.

Oh my...I can't even begin to describe conference.Suffice it to say thus (something my teacher Brother Leslie said, so eloquently):

Angels Minister Among the Conference Hall, But Christ Sits With the Missionaries.

And truly, I have never felt such POWER as I have experienced this conference. And oh, the power of Hymns! Singing...I never realized how truly wonderful some of the music in this church is. The melodies...and the lyrics. I do hope you will play hymns on sunday mother, they bring such a wonderful atmosphere, the spirit.

But i will let my letter suffice concerning General Conference.

Haha, Dad, I have not yet had time to read your emails...i only have 30 min on a computer on mondays!! No Time! but i print them out for the most part and logout to save time...(because it will go back to 30 min if i can finish before 29.01 countdown) but your emails through dearelder are an awkward format for Missionary i will wait for the pouch service.

HOWEVER! i laughed, smiled, and choked up a bit over all your emails. Thank you so much, my wonderful family.

And I FINALLY got a haircut like 2 hours was longg hehehe...(its SO hard to schedule a haircut here)

Brother! Haha! What are you doing! hahahaha! I hope it heals! I'm glad to hear youre rambunxious as ever. Dont lose that! Just learn when to calm down. You will be so great Brother. Sports. School. People...You will be THE MAN! Because to me, you already are.

And little Brother...I am away. Only for a time. When I come home, I will hold you so dear. But I am not so far away. Yes...I am at Work.

Younger Sister...that was a very touching letter...i have very little time left (2 min) and already wrote the last half of this letter so thats already i must cut out. But i will not get sick. I am Heman, after all. PLUS! ...actually nvm... theyve asked us now not to handshake or hug...but PFFT! I DO IT ANYWAY!! haha!

Sister, I love YOU! I'm so glad you are Happy =)

And little are a Princess.

Grandmother...I Will Write You Soon...But know that i have my picture of me kissing you up, and i love it and they all tease me all the time, but i wouldnt have it any other way!

But all is well. My dear Family. I am So Blessed. This District truly is one of a kind. Unique in all aspects. There is a Spirit within our small group of 8 that only we can bring. Truly, we have been preserved and prepared. Four sisters, four elders. We have plenty of fun, talking about babylonian things...but we get right back to work. And when the spirit comes...oh overwhelms.

In fact, mother, I must tell you this. Because I feel it...with all My Soul:

The Lord Is Preparing Us...To Be Among the Most High.

There is a man here, Brother Leslie...and when he speaks...I feel the Power of One Who Stands With Christ. He Speaks By The Same Spirit, The Same Power, The Same Authority, as Those Men Elect of God, Our Dear Apostles and Prophets.

There is No Doubt in My Mind That the Lord Has a Great Work For Him in the Future. He Will Stand With God, Mother. He Will. When We Return...If He Remains Immovable...He Will Stand With God.

And our Great Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ...They Have Given Us this NO coincidence.

There are good missionaries. There are even Great missionaries. And the Lord is Well Pleased. However...there is a Higher Calling. One like unto the Prophets. And it is available to all men. It is a Choice. But not all ever fully understand it. And this Man, Brother Leslie...through Him, and the Spirit...I'm learning of that Choice. Once Made, Mother, One NEVER goes back. He Loves the Lord...Until His Dying Breath...and then On Throughout Eternity. I Hear him explain this calling. And it makes sense...however. I am still learning...still growing. And Day...I Will Understand, and Make that Choice: A Higher Calling.

I Love You, My Family. Please, continue to write. I am Well.And My Heart is Full For You.Because I Know That My Redeemer Lives. How Great He Is. And How Much My Family Will Always Mean to Him.

--Elder Lewis

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