Monday, January 18, 2010

A Liahona for the World

Just the other day, My Companion and I were walking, late at night...into a rather Bukid area on the outskirts of the main proselyting region. Here, we were to visit a quite less active family, and to cheer up their hearts. Along the way...I noticed how I never lost sight of my companion. Though night was growing great, and barely visible would ones hand be in front of the face, I kept my focus on Him, marching ever forward...somewhat a ways from me. And I never lost sight of him...because of the brilliance of the White Shirt he was wearing. He was at length more than the distance farther apart than we should have been. And yet, i noticed, that whether i happened to be closer to Him, or some distance Manner of Darkness could diminish that Bright White shirt. Only that it seemed so much further, and my pace Slackened.

Directly adjacent to the house we were visiting, nearly pitch black now, I glimpsed the flickers of some burning embers of a fire that had once been. And again...that timeless Legend, of Dark vs. Light, came so wonderfully into my Mind.

I Speak of the Light, that is within Us All. Though small a light may be...No Manner of Darkness can over it overcome. For Infinite is Light. Infinite is Truth. Only if we look away, do we miss the light. Or shouldst we slacken our stride, do we begin to lose hope. But the Truth is Forever: Light. If one lights a candle in the night, no matter how small it may be, So Long as there is a Source for it to nourish, it shall Never Fail. And No Manner of Darkness can Ever Overcome the Brilliance of Light. The Same is true of the Other End of the Spectrum: In A Glorious Day, Brimming with Pure Sunlight, there can Be No Shadow in its Presence. Not even the smallest of Darkness can abide in True Light of Day.

Family and Friends, Brothers and Sisters, We Hold Within Ourselves, the Light. The Very Light of Christ. And His Source is Infinite. This is Your Testimony. And no matter How Small it may Be...The Source of Your Testimony is Boundless. Now, the Question is: How Do You See Your Candle? Your Light? Are You Encompassed by Darkness...the Great Presence of Evil, Overbearing and Fearful...because you've but only a Small Light? Or Will You Stand Proud, and See not the Darkness that Shrinks from your very Presence, but Only All That is in the Light? The Source of your Light will Never Change. The Truth of this Tale is Eternal. Darkness shall Never Overcome Light. So...if the darkness right now seems to great to bear, you feel lost or confused, hopeless or despair, discouraged...that on all sides it engulfs you, and you've naught you can do...Hold On. Check Yourself. You've a Candle...and Nothing Can That Overcome.

I'm Reminded of the Scripture, "That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day." (D&C 50:24)See Yourself in the Glory That You Are. That He Sees of You. Search your Scriptures. Come to Church. Ask of a Friend. Prayer. My Dear Brothers and Sisters, oh I would remind you that we need to Pray. In as Deep Conviction and Humbleness of Heart that we can offer. And Give Unto Another. Serve Another. Share Your Little Candle with Someone Else, no matter how small. Offer them Light, in the midst of their Darkness. And I Promise You...when You Glimpse Back upon Your Own little hath Begun the Journey...Unto that Perfect Day.

We Have the Light, Brothers and Sisters. We Know This Story, and We Know We Shall Overcome. Have Hope. Give Hope. Remember...Ye Are a Child of God. A Child Born of Light. Born of the Very Christ, through His Atonement. Come Unto the World...To Remind One Another of Your Divine Heritage. He is God, the Eternal Father...and Dear Brothers and Sisters, He is Eternal. This I Testify, in the Name of the Son of God, the Very Light of the World, Jesus Christ, Amen.


We are doing wonderfully, Family.
Lapaz and Lapuz are much more city, its quite a change of pace. However...all men need to hear. And that small moment had a profound effect on my Heart...and how Perfect this Plan of the Father Is...and the Inspiration he doth give, even unto the smallest, unto his Apostles and Shepherds o'er the Earth. Even such as to why a Missionary Bears a White Appearance. There is So Much Truth, in all things, and I am Ever Grateful, as we behold the mysteries and secrets and treasures, even the tender mercies of God, coming unto our minds.

I Do not recall if I happened to mention in the last letter, however I Will Make short note of it here, liwat.
Within the precious time of my first area, my companion and all the people therein...I've Begun to Understand what it Means to Love Someone.

And in this My Second Area, this resonates once more. And this ward...I See such a Vision! For Truly...this Spirit has Come Upon this Ward...and the Moment the Missionaries are ready to Truly Pour their Heart unto these Members and this Area...I Promise you that in those Days...this Ward will Have Known what it Means when the Scriptures Dictate, "The Kingdom Shall Be Built!"

The Ward...each and every member...and the leaders therein...oh how so true it is, that every aspect of this gospel, every activity and calling, to do thus as Joseph Smith Directed: "The greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."

And together...we've amassed so many ideas...and the ward as well, is willing! And we shall try those we feel most of the Spirit. And lo, miracles shall be Wraught.Thou the focus is retention, carefully detailed unto us, we can do both with great stride!

A Moment Like This...Oh, How I'd Weep if I Did Knowingly Miss Thus! But I See This Vision! And Mother, Father, It Can Be!

Last Sunday about 72/75 attendance in both wards, 2 Baptismal Candidates...and this is just the beginning...The Lord Has Entrusted Us All, Based Upon Our Faithfulness in Obedience, with Certain People in Our Lives. Therefore...oh How We Ought to Open Our Hearts!

For a Moment...Close Our Mouths. For We Confuse Ourselves far too much between the mind and the mouth, trying to work in harmony. But there is One that Can: The Heart. Let it Speak.

I Marvel that too often, we somehow separate sharing the Gospel, with Sharing what we Love about the Gospel. Why we love the Gospel.

Brothers and Sisters, this ought not to Be! It Is One. You are Who you Are, Because of Just that: The Why. Help them Feel the

Testimony. This is something I Struggle with every day... such testimony...i know it! I Feel It! Perhaps I could and would share it in english! But I've a Different Tongue now...And Yet, I've the Same Heart...different from the first...Born of Christ...I've that same Heart.

Dont think about the Gospel. Feel It.
And Then will our mouths and our minds be appeased, by our hearts.
"God is no Respecter of Persons"
"An Eye Single to the Glory of God"

These words give me great comfort...for if I Believe them...i will "Open My Mouth" as it were, to all people I Meet. But rather, as its meaning truly implies, "Open Your Heart." Love them think that they might absolutely say no. And yet, that you know, they are forever changed.

I've Begun to Dream. Always...its interesting. He truly Does Change Your Thoughts and your Heart. For in my Dreams, I'm still a Missionary, and tired just as ever. But either I'm serving here, or in the Ward back home...going unto all. And I Know this shall be My Calling Forever.

The Greatest Duty...our Greatest Joy.

If we Think on the Words of President Hinckley:
"Do you want to be Happy?"

"Forget Yourself, and Get Lost in this Great Cause."
He is to Come, Mother. He is to Come.

He is the One Way. He is All Hope & All Love. All Our Dreams and All Our Desires. Safety and Peace. He is Our Liahona Home.

I Feel the Prayers of the Faithful, all over the World, Members and Non-Members alike. And I know...he hears each one. Be Patient...He is Answering, and Will Answer All. And You May Just Be That Miracle for someone Else. Yea, I Promise You, You Are A Miracle, for someone Else.

May We Ever Seek Him. May We Listen. And May We Ever Be Happy. For Always, we were Meant to Be. Let Us Be Happy. A Bright Hope for the Future. I Pray, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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