Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Be a Missionary

Dear Family,

Happy New Year and Christmas!
(those just seem to blend into one here)

Sooo...the christmas music is gone now...
however...the music is as plentiful as ever...
occasionally you'll see my companion and me nodding our heads to the beat =P!

But anyway...this week has been a wonderful growing experience for me. My companion, Elder Stockton, being the District Leader, is constantly going on Splits. And when he's with me, we exert ourselves and our efforts. However...i have found that when he is gone...i find myself Quite Overjoyed. No, not because he is "gone." But rather...all of a sudden, i feel such responsibility. And i love it. A new companion...a chance to share the Wonderful Spirit of Missionary work in my heart with them, and to learn so much from their own personal testimony. All of a sudden...i feel such a wonderful obligation to the people in my area. And when we teach...the Spirit comes in such Love.

Tuesday, we went on splits. And Elder Firth became my companion. And this was a wonderful experience...because Elder Firth goes home in 5 months...and yet, as I have known him until thus...i have felt there is something he is yearning to feel. So, despite a certain "fear" at first of being companions with him, wondering how the day would go... The Spirit helped me Look with Great Hope towards It. And i promise you, the Spirit was so Correct. He needed me. And I He. You can feel when there is some new spirit added to your being. And we found that, that uniqueness, for eachother and for ourselves.

He is not amazing at the language. He is a little "trunky." And his passion seemingly was hibernating. But I saw a beautiful miracle, as we worked together...somehow...He Found the Fire. And He helped give it to me. I do not know how it happened, but i can give my Thanks. Every One is such a Blessing in Our Lives.

And through this Passion...we believe we've found some Elect...just through an OYM ("open your mouth") and short lesson. They are prepared. And through our diligence to bring the spirit, they shall soon become members. Sister Silvia Alayon, Brother Gilbert Delatore. And a few other members we briefly testified to in a happy group we happened by at 8pm.

Church Attendance was wonderful this week. About 90ish in each area. Still are trying to get the investigators to church...still low numbers there...however...the Spirit is Spreading in these areas. And Members within themselves are Growing and Sharing. This is Wonderful.

With a Purpose. Every thing, for a purpose. We Need Always Remember This. If we go to a House...there Ought to Be Such a Presence There...for Our Calling is of the Highest! And I promise you, it is! FHE at a members house reactivated one family's beautiful testimony, and sparked the heart of their friend. New Years Dinner strengthed a great, active member, Sister Pinky and her Daughter, Princess...and a long time less active family (her sisters). The Sister and her son...are such marvelous people! Such cheer! Such energy and Fun! They are mormons, you can tell! And They need the Church, and oh how the Church Needs Them! And I Know...soon. They shall Fulfill their Life's Calling, to its Fullest. There is such Good They Have Yet to Do. God Bless Them.

One other story: Lenny.
She is a single mother. 3 children I believe. And of very humble means. She is one of the furthest investigators from the church. And yet...when she bore her testimony, and she might not have known that what she was speaking is called a "testimony", but it was, of the Lord, of Family...we knew. And our testimony of the Life to Come, The Purpose of this Life...the Love of the Savior...and Hope for All Men, our loved ones who have died, the very Celestial Kingdom to which all people are Promised. Where we always were meant to Be. Based upon our Handum. Our desire. She nearly was crying. Her eyes were Beautiful. And despite her humbleness and income, despite needing to bring 3 children, and being furthest away from the church...I Do Believe She Shall Come. And what a testimony this is to me! feel in such a Show Forth such Love and Faith. Oh shall we not, of such different situations, be like unto Her? Christlike. This is a part...of what it means to be Christlike. For He Did the Spirit of the Father. If we too, have ever known such Spirit, shall we not Follow His Example? Yeah, even Her Example. Yes, I Pray, we Shall. And may I Always Remember This, for More than but Pray, I Shall Do.

The Work Shall Go Forth! And I See the Fruit of our Labor. Now. Yes...but in Moments, I See the Vision. And I See the Glory. My task, as I Have come to find within my not to but glimpse this Vision, but retain it always. For if We Do This...In All We Do...We Shall See the Kingdom. Never be discouraged, or lose hope, for when we do, we shall Pray in Faith...and Go Forth with MORE Heart...and we Shall Overcome. For We Can See.

Perhaps in the upcoming future emails i shall write somewhat of our other investigators, but for now, suffice it to say there are a good number that have great potential to Become, others that the Spirit doth well abide, and yet others whom we have just met that have potential...that perhaps we shall see a miracle in them.

We have had those we have given our plea. Showing our love...and telling them our testimony of the work, and how precious our time truly is. We Have let them go. For truly...we shall teach and prepare. Yet We Seek the Elect. And Who Shall They Be? Yeah, they shall Decide. And we Shall Know, through the Spirit. It can sometimes be quite difficult...and yet perhaps this is just what some people need to complete their spiritual journey, or to help be "dropped." We Never Give Up on Any One! But Those Who are Crying Out to Our Lord Now, We Shall Save. We Love them All.

to Quote a Wonderful Movie:
"As Fast As I Can. As Hard As I Can. As Long As I Can."

And to keep this true...we are ever striving for that which works best. New methods. reach them all as best we can. Our next task: Two Sundays from Now: Bring One Friend to Church Sunday.
Perhaps we shall make this a pattern for the members in the future (3rd Sunday) or perhaps not. However...we need to advertise this to the members, and help them feel it with such Spirit that THIS is something they truly desire to do. And i know, if they truly feel that desire, and the magnitude of the miracle they shall be performing, many friends shall be brought to the truth.

And one other...two Saturday's from now, Elder Stockton and I Have decided to hold a showing of the Restoration at our two churches (ideally...perhaps only one of them...we'll see); and we shall advertise. And spread to the members to spread to their friends. And to come also, to be a strength to those people who come. And we shall mention this to all we teach...and through all honorable means necessary, we shall make this known. And when the day comes...the Spirit Shall Pour through this Movie unto them...and After...we Shall Confirm This, with our Steadfast, Heartfelt Testimony: For this is True.

And they Shall Know. Yeah, They Shall!

I Am Ever Grateful...and Ever Desire to Be, even Until the End of My Life, as so beautifull Ammon did say, to serve Among His People.

A Miracle, to Be A Missionary.

--Elder Lewis

I've a Scripture I've Found Father.
I Shall Send it to You Next Email.

Love You All.

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