Monday, February 8, 2010

Manifestations of the Power and Gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT....

Elder Lewis is TRUELY being blessed by the Lord in the Mission Field. He is often shy...because the compliments he recieves...pertaining to the Mastry of the language. But wishes it to be known that it is TRULY A Miracle & Gift Of God and of a Serve Him with all that he has while serving in the Philippines.

Elder Lewis is currently finishing up an Ilonggo dictionary with Grammar rules, the basic verbs, complex structure, 1500ish words from very common to quite rare or deep words and sentance structures...
all with common expressions and phrases and ways to really differentiate and specialize how 'you' want to speak ilonggo...he is almost done with it...he will keep adding to the original throughout his entire mission...he has given a few unfinished copies out to help my other missionaries as well as others who may need it...

In Elders Lewis's words....

And I say these next words very carefully, again, however I do believe that it would diminish the purpose if i did not bear Witness of God and His great works. All Glory goes to HIM who blesses His servants.

In one month, I had learned to speak & teach in Ilonggo, to testify...and to converse fairly well.

In two months, I have been able to speak fairly fluent, but most importantly, with Passion.

And in the third month to come, I Do Believe I Shall Begin to Master This Language. Only Begin...but nonetheless, Begin that Journey in every Sense of the Word: Mastery.

This is a Miracle. I Do Not Say This at all In and Of Myself...but Rather...Praise be to God...for By His Hand are Miracles Wrought, to those Who Believe on His Glory and Purpose...who Devote their Hearts to Him...and Through Him...Those Men Becometh the Miracle to Fulfill His Righteousness Upon the Earth.

Let this Be Part of the Testament: That I Know. That We Know. That God...Truly...Is the Eternal Father, and the Source of All Light, Miracle, and Joy. And This, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is His Church upon the Earth, the One and Only of the Fullness of the Gospel. And we "prepare the way...and make his pathways straight..." for the Glorious Day...when He Shall Come, Once More, Among the Children of Men.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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