Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Whoaaa... myyy loveeee... my darrrlinggg"

(hahaha... videoke... heard that song the other day... Unchained Melody. Love that Song. Unfortunately... the Filipino was quite drunk and his voice matched his sobriety. =PP)(had a lot of laughs though! XD!)

To Ya'll at Home:

Just ta let ya knoww...
I'm Doing Good.

dao dalaga and kickin!
... but in a nice, motherly way.

**dao dalaga means... "like a dalaga (a young, unmarried woman)" **

wow... not gonna lie, was gonna try and use the word "sexy and kickin' "
but that doesnt work for me. For my mom, even in joking, dont feel comfortable saying that. Occasionally, children are close enough with their parents to be able to say that...and its wonderful, because they are so close with one another its kinda of cute. But i know im close with my mother, enough to know that, at least to me, I know she's a Lady.

And sorry... but Lady's is just a whole different Class.
Can't even compare.

if anjelica calls you sexy its ok though.
but i've always known that to me
My Mother's a Lady.

Commands Respect.
And a Wonderful Personality.

Basta... you're not a La-on. (an old wrinkly maid, no husband, that you see in other peoples houses) =P!!

Te?? I can be charming... but come on, im Chris. to much compliments or chamr gets boring for me =P!
i like sarcastic humor xD

i love living life like... those moments like...
for example, Miss Congeniality. At one part of the movie, the refined english man says of Miss New Jersey, "A brief, shining moment... and then. that. trap."

i like living life like that xD!

OH! So i asked about what you could send and whatnot.
And in particular, i was thinking about which wards or whatnot... and i decided Lapaz/ Lapuz... they are set. Dao...they are a strong group of people, a very strong ward and they are living things great as they are.
Manapla... mmm... didnt kno em extremely well nor their situation... just that i know i dont think they are prepared enough...maybe a little more building...

HOWEVER! this ward would be PERFECT to receive a package from ya'll.
We spoke about the Clothing and the Testimonies/ Letters from our ward and from the Primary. That would be wonderful. AND! if you wouldnt mind... Toys would be perfect! liikkeee... i know they would go good use here.
sometimes... if i just pictured them given to random families... i feel like perhaps it really wouldnt be effective. HOWEVER! Primary and nursery would love toys, all and any kind! it would be much appreciated.
I spoke with Bishops wife and the Primary President... and they said it would be wonderful!

So maybe yeah, for the Primary or anyone who wants to be involved... and perhaps if Plymouth wants to be involved too...
Perhaps give up one thing of clothes per person, one toy per person, and one letter per person. And that would be an amazing outpouring of Love and Spirit for the people here! And Mom... if you have toys you would like to get rid of... ya can toss em here =P!

Basta... if you want to organize it... theyd be overjoyed to recieve a package from a ward back home. clothes, letters, toys.


thanks sooooooo much for the pictures of the Quince! Saw the three you sent. And not gonna lie, i was gawking for a few minutes. My sisters look good. And my brother looks like he's a Bouncer (with that nice lookin pony tail and vest xD!)

Looveeddd the picture of Rebecca punching david. "Good Form, Pan! Good Form."

Well... I've been very well so far this week. I need to think a bit more on what needs to be done for this area. I feel as though our time can be used more effectively...what it may involve is scrapping a few ideas and starting over. (unfortunately... i just hope i can do it with love and conviction, especially for my companion... he's been here longer, 2 months in Hinigaran... however... i feel like the "plan" he's been perpetuating from his former companion is not quite what the area needs... and his understanding of the language is such that... hmm... he "thinks" he knows exactly whats going on, because hes been here 2 months... and hes so enthusiatic from what he thinks he knows, which is wonderful....but... hehe... we'll just say that peoples situations are not exactly as he believes them to be... and as such... its time for a new plan! Hope he's in to follow me a lil bit on this one... cuz he's attached to the people here... but i believe our focus is being hindered a bit and the progress hindered a bit by some practices that are not working here... So... Here goes Nothing!)

I am reminded of a quote that came to me, very powerfully, from Brother Leslie, my professor at the MTC. Said he, "Don't be afraid, to tear up the foundation... if you go forth to rebuild it stronger." And more was said. The basis... sometimes, we need to have the courage... to start over, in order to Achieve. Patch ups may work sometimes... here and there...
but sometimes... it would be best, to tear up the foundation, and begin again. Build it Better.

In any case... that's all I have for today... out of time... until next time!

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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