Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry, not quite what i expected!

Dear Family,

Hahaha... ahhh after writing Ethan a lil smething...
i lost that spiritual umph! i had when i woke up excited to write ya'll today.

Sorry! Maybe it will come back...

In any case... this for Amanda: Thanks for the write! Kadlawan Ka gid! (funny... you. Laughable. kinda thing =P)

Annddd... so far no new baptisms in this area. But a very very nice teaching pool. And a lot of soon to be reactivated people.
Annndd... everywhere... video-oake. Especially at night. Occasionally that drunk man in the morning or noon time??...but at night... everybody. And the thing is... everybody thinks they are the greatest!

Welll.... they're wrong. Very wrong. But at least they are a happy people =P!

I laugh... a lot... at night xD.

Annddd nowww...
OH! names and location of myra's relatives? where/who?

Annddd... haha! I meant to mention in the last email...
but only read it later... when i read dad's email at the house...

the Haircut thing and Megan. hahahahaha. Those Pansies! =P!! I just got my haircut...and decided... mmm... well... anyone in the house wanna give me a haircut. Elder Newman was like, yeah sure! Never done it before. Cool! Go for it!...about 10 minutes later... done! how's it look? oooo....ummm....and then a nice good hour of laughing and having fun. Fastest haircut i've ever had. Shortest haircut ive ever had. Most uneven.

interesting gid! hahaha. However, whatever! its hairrr xD!
i looked like a black hip hop singer, just didnt have the earrings. Chris Brown kinda thing...tiny bit of hair haha! but not enough to be "detracting" from missionary work. def. shorter than most missionaries though!

i looked like i needed a thug cap, from the slums of India. it was cool. Lotta get kinda loose on your mission =P!

another chance next month for a haircut! AND i saved 40 pesos. (about a lil less than 1 dollar)

However... just to go to a different note... ay gali... Hahaha...
i totally dont got it right now...

i had some words to say... because there were some very strong spiritual events which happened to me this week...but i just dont got it right now =P!

Ill wrrite it handwritten. And send it... TOMORROW! With beccas letter!

... MAYBE!!!!!!!!!

hahaha... ohh man.. ambot sa akon ("i dont know about you" phrase... but directed toward myself)

we shall speak later!

But temple dedications coming up! Next Sunday! cant go to Cebu, but will go to a nearby stake center, Binalbagan. Excited xD! 2nd one in my life (Draper & Cebu).... (unless i attended another i dont remember... boston? but i dont think i did...) (open house, yes...)

Currently YM teacher Ako... because apparently the youth have gotten quite attached ta me. And actually... the entire ward...they like missionaries... and there are 3 of us... but it seems their favorite missionaries are the ones who are People Person's.

And i love a good laugh. While keeping the spirit of course. Just showing that we can have fun and care about each other and be spiritual as well. Uplifting Spiritual Experiences. Family. Friends. Fun. That's church. Learning, having fun, and thus wanting to learn. It's a good life right now.

(i think i kinda stole some of the other elder's ward members to me as well... they like them... but still... trying not to be prideful,
but ive just found ever since i got here my personality just FITS. AAAAND its not just fun and games...

this ward and its missionaries, in three weeks, has grown, a lot. Not in number just yet (because when the less actives come... the regular actives stay home... so we are at about 70 attendance as usual... they need to all come!)...but innerly... our Ward has become quite strong. And i am loving the Youth. Something I feel so strongly... i believe they are gaining now. The teacher, my first sunday, kinda asked right after class if i wanted to teach next time....

ever sincethen... its been great. Next sunday (no church next sunday because of dedication... so next next sunday) will be my last time teaching because i want it to return to the teacher. However... they are reading. and are excited for church. And i truly believe...
testimony has made all the difference. Not just verbal born testimony... but character.

I love my ward.

Segi! Next time na lang! Bye!!!

--Elder Christopher Lewis

(Sorryy... haha! I got nothing at the moment... im just blank... blame ethan! =P!)


Dad... its You. And Brother Raymond. This is the Dream Team. I remember those days. Whatever the task is... however hard... you guys Got This. Its You Two!

yeaaa brody! (we going to byu! when i get back! =P!)

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