Monday, June 21, 2010

sorry its late!!

Late cuz havent been around BUSYY!!!


Dear Rebecca,


p.s. go to Trek. It's worth it. So worth it. and you'll have fun.... focus on people...on friends... have a good time
with good friends...make some new good friends!

It's worth it rebecca. No one else outside church ever gets these opportunities. And they are amazing. Trust me. As long as you go and are thinking "Hey, this'll be fun!" "I'm gonna have some fun"

Do it... hahaa... my first trek was kinda interestingg... xD
i'll tell ya the story about the whos and the whats and the "oooo!!" 's when i get hoooomeee. Basta i never forgot my trek xD for several reasonsss...being a teenage mormon is fun xDD!

GO! ...go happy! [...]
AND BE NICE AT CAMP!! with your lil sister. "play nice with the other kids!" (Mulan) Seriously. Imma whack you if you dont.
ooohhh you know i will, if i hear you werent. Just cause i got nicer on my mission doesnt mean im not still gonna whack ya. even if am across the globe ill find a way. You remember the spatula. i know u do.

hahahaha...ahhh rebeccaa =P thanks for all the stories. I love hearing them. I'd say more... but i have no time today... sorry! but i love readng bout your life. however...about the road trip. Sounds great! would be awesome! So much fun! [...]


spent the letter on becca... only have 20 min today because ysterdayy got WICKED busy!! im staying in Hinigaran this transfer, Elder Hernandez is leaving. I bought a new camera, a very nice one at that!
(and might i add...the BEST QUALITY low priced camera...cameras here are WAYYY expensive... and the cheap ones from 80-110 dollars usually are baddd... but i found one! a samsung something...ill write what it is next time!)

Mom... did you ever receive the letters for ethan and megan? and bro martin in the ward? and others? and give them out?
aaandd... let me know if you guys will send the pics or whatnot to me of all of you for me to give out to good investigators XD!!

... i have no idea why i added popeye... basta its the first thing that came...but you DO have some big forearms. =P!!

Thanks Dad for raising me right! Sorry that it took so many complaints/grumbling on my part!
but thanks for stickin' it through!

Thats it for now! Byeeeee!! Sorry!

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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