Monday, October 11, 2010

Conference was Greeaatt!!

Well...i've good news!
ive finally sent out that package of letters! today, 2 hours ago. yayyy! when you receive it...please
1) Rebecca share the letter I wrote you with Amanda, please
2) Send out the other letters to the other people... but try and find their real addresses first...

i only have their temporary ones... college ones... and its been a year...
sooooooo... might need to do some detective work or asking through facebook =P

also! will send another bunch of letters shortly... decided that if i didnt send that thing out now, i never would...
but the next one should get to you much faster.. probably send the next one in two weeks.

oh, i dont know if ive said this before... but in previous package things i sent to you containing letters,i wrote ethan once or twice...
he said he still has not recieved them. sooo... can you forward them to him? hes on a mission now =P

oooook! ay, and Mom! i have the picture... ill send that in just a min to you.
I saw it and was like...whoaa!
you look so young! likeee... at first i was wondering if it was a wicked ol pic and the boy was david or something... you look good mom xD!

List of my areas...

Manapla & Caduha-an (Negros) (near Cadiz)
Lapaz & Lapuz (Ilo Ilo)
Hinigaran (Negros) (near Binalbagan)
Masville (Negros) (near La Carlota)

Ha. 10 yrs eh? mmm... i still remember wearing white booties and walking around that temple when it first came out...also remember all the hype bout our temple being built there. I love our temple. It may just be my favorite...followed secondly by the picture mom always had in the house of the San Diego temple. beautiful picture.

Sister Guimar. love that woman. she makes me smile. sorry for what i did to her car...i liked that car...remember her Husband too...loved his rocks! such a professional looking wisdom kinda guy (with cool square glasses)

And brother blasburg! err... doctor... i should write him. He really has turned out to be a life ol friend hasnt he?

a NEW karate kid??
The Karate Kid. times one. two. three. dason... The Next Karate Kid (female)... dason... The NEW Karate Kid?? (black?) wow. haha.

Ilo Ilo is doing alright... dont know too much...they are doing their best with their start up... numbers are a lil behind/low kono... but they can do it! its new. Negros is doing great! (as far as I know, the boundaries havent changed... not yet one mission of negros yet...)
we are actually doing quite particularly the La Carlota zone... President is focusing here...and we may be able to help him out... Masville seems like its abut to be a huge center of many LA's have/ are coming back, and we have an anticipated 15+ baptisms (7 so far have accepted their dates) in the next month and a few more before December. Prolly wont be around to see em... but sure can get them ready.
I love how much revelation is being received... personally and as a Mission. I don't know how I never saw such things before...we can help these baptismal candidates have desires for the temple. They can make it.
I hope i can help at least that much, to leave them with a burning for the temple.

hows the foot? fungus?
hows that? my foots the one thats always wet! (had some reallyyy rainy days lately...and i gave my umbrella away last transfer... im pretty much waterproof now...dont know if ill ever need an umbrella again =P)

OH! you ask a question i sometimes puzzle at dad...calling in the ward...
everythings in working order a Missionary. and the higher ups are helping them learn their callings xD


--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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