Monday, October 18, 2010

*"Email Cargo" to the US*

Dear Home,

For Becca:

Go to Homecoming xD! you'll enjoy it (if you want to.)[...] Just dance...the mormon way. its the funnest. and its actually what everybody actually is looking for, a good fun time. (if guys are looking for anything else, you give them a nice punch in the gut.) if you can find a date, great! if not, its ok! who needs a date to a dance?? Dont think i ever did =P! too much fun finding lots of friends. try and hang out with all types of the people, rebecca. during this year in high school, or at this dance, etc. Make some friends wherever you can. Not just one group.
Remember what I told you, Be smart. Get your studies done. And Have fun. You decide how much fun you'll have...if your a shy person and tend to stay shy though (but dont want to be...) just know, that for it to change,
it just takes a lil courage to be outgoing, even to strangers or people you know but think arent "your group" you can talk to anyone...and have fun with anyone... and if you say, you know this, then do it!

anddd... cool news, well...

I was pretty much freaked out of my mind on an adrenaline rush last night xD! Sooo... i've been telling elder Compton for a while, that all i really want, is to have a life remembering moment, of lightning coming right down and striking the ground nearby. Just like... ZZzzschhhwwwmmmmphh!
Burst of purple white pillar. Explosions in the Sky. (because lately... its been very rainy and thunder and sometimes, a nice light show at night)

sooo... last night, around about 9pm... pretty much got that chance. pouring like crazy. we have about a 20-25 min walk from masville on a straight stretch of highway road, no buildings or anything, only sugar cane fields to the left and right with some very small mango tree groves... pretty much just a 20 min walk stretch of road...
and we were trapped right in the middle of a lightning storm.
The Booms were BIG. My companion threw his umbrella so many times because he leaped into the air with fear. We were hallucinating how many times because we thought we felt a tingle. We saw actual STREAKS of BIG lightning thrust all around the sky above us, behind us, everywhere! And so... we were freaked out of our minds... I had the audacity to whisper to elder compton my wish again... "this is kinda scary its awesome... im still holding out for the moment that it comes and strikes right next to us and we never forget it." and then... it came. And not just once. We were THIIIIIIIISSSS close to an actual pillar of energy, and saw the actual debri of electrons from the tail of the lightning in the sky disintegrate...and whats so freakkyyy... is the scary moment, is SILENT. Like all you see is absolute glory radiate, no darkness whatsoever (even tho 3 seconds earlier it was pitch black!) and you see the bolt just strike the Earth one hundred meters from you, and you are terrified because you finally realize... you are just one puny lil man amidst the elements. Just a perfect white flash, is all you can see for a second, you are BLIND. And then... your heart begins to come back, just only to get terrified by the boom. It was perhaps one of the most amazing sensations of sheer power-terror i've ever felt...
and it was amazing.

Dont worry... we made it the next 15 minutes safely... but man, were we praying! (came close again maybe 3- 4 more times... reaaallyyy closee... but the one i described was the the middle of the storm... wowwww. xD)

For Mom:

dugay kana diri tonto kappa gihapon

grabi sa imo, no? ano ko bay?
nagasiling ang mga tawo pirmi, nga ako ang isa dungol dungol nga misyonary,
tikalon kon kisas, kag sobra bug-oy =P!
Kala-in si Elder!


Dear Mother,
I need your help. There is a woman here, a mother. Her name is Sister D... And, I don't know, I just felt like I could go to my mother for help. I was wondering if you could write her a letter. By email. Send it to me. I absolutely love this Sister. And for some reason, she's hurting. Has her eyes set on the temple... will never ever leave from the church... she knows its true...

But she's experienced a lot here. A misunderstanding with President's wife. A Best friendship broken. A husband still working out his bisyus (member, he drinks occasionally). Her daughter has left home and she has not seen her in over a year. "eloped"... at the age of 16. She feels like she missed out on the love of the ward, that when she needed love it was not there...until now, whenever I leave this house, this woman is in tears. Very strong testimony... it just seems like she is hurting so much. "she doesnt know if she can... as in, if she physically can..."(emotionally cant handle it... there's a difference in illonggo for two words "pwede" and "kaya"... the first is "can" (as in permission or when asking a question), the other is "the ability to") ...
To talk to president. Or come to church.

She just keeps saying, she needs time to heal. She's hurting. She does need to heal... but it may take more than time.
You are my mother. I was wondering what you might say to this mother. Please, if you could, it would be much appreciated.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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