Monday, April 12, 2010



Swiss Miss
Starburst (x3)
Baby Ruth
3 Musketeers
Prego Sauce
Chocolate, lots, and any kinds

THAT, is what the members ... like ... a lot of people were around when I opened my last we had a lot of sharing xD!

OH! But i would like some jelly beans...
the good kinds. Starburst or jolly rancher are best xD!

I dont have much need of stuff... so dont feel obligated to send me packages! They are very nice, and I appreciate them all and if in like 6 months, you wanna send me one, yeah, ok...i am just am a lil fickle on expenses, sorry. =P

(but you guys are my parents, and I have been taught by you all, so you have good judgement, so I'll trust that)

(again though... i have no NEEDS, at the moment... i save a lot of my support money, but splurge occasionally for candy for kids or for me, or someones birthday or something... so i have plenty in reserve, so...
just letting you know im ok. =P!)

HOWEVER! packages, yeah they are nice... but i would LOVE handwritten letters. those mean more than a package xD!
pictures drawn, or actual pictures, or anything inside the letters, i'll love. A handwritten letter is a very nice treasure...and they are soooo. much cheaper.

Perhaps try what i do... send one big envelope of lots of letters xD! Thats all i want.

Sorry... I don't have a whole lot to say, didnt print out the letters last week, so havent been able to answer them (will next week answer this weeks letters and last weeks)

I wish I could talk a lot about everything that happens here... but...

Basta... You're Son just wants to Work.
And I intend to absolutely exhaust myself.
Until I've nothing left. And somehow, He'll help me do so.

Missionaries, can & ought to Do. So. Much.
It is my desire, along with a few others...
to Help All the Missionaries realize...
That There is so much More we Can Do.
And how wonderful a blessing this is.

'Consecrated.' Coming to know what that means.

You're Son just wants to Work.

(... the feelings behind this phrase, is very very real)

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

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