Monday, November 9, 2009

Lalala...lala. guess what?There's been two people in my district quarantined =p!!haha...flu, however not the swine flu. Yet as a precaution, they quarantine those with symptoms for a few days.

actually...just got one of the sisters back =) makes me happy.Trying to stay focused here...again, i get my ups and downs...but when its up its reallyy upp.

Trying to fix certain things within the zone...being a good size zone...we want to have people get to know eachother better. outside of just the districts. and also...we're doing a good job here...yet we feel as though the Spirit could be stronger. There are times when it is so all we do. And yet...for most of the districts, including ours occasionally...we lose focus of WHY each day is so fixed and why we learn things again and again etc. As i said...most of us have a good grasp of what our purpose is...but we really want to Perpetuate the FEELING of that Purpose. Because if we can do that...we will be given the Power to do All Things.

Other than that though...things are going good here =) Two weeks left though...and there is much i want to get done, just sometimes i feel as though time slips past me when I couldve been doing something. Again...I can't quite understand why i don't actively use the language here at the MTC. We are Asked to SYL (speak your language) all the time...and that is so critical. And yet...there are so many little things that come up that give me excuses not to. It's a little bit disheartening too, when i see myself and a lack of motivation or dedication.

But as i said, I am doing well. If I can just work. Do more. Then I know, that even in 2 weeks, my last 2 weeks here, a miracle can happen. A miracle will Happen...if I so Allow it to.

I'm not sick haha =p!! But that's sad...why are you all sick??i boast about how i NEVER get sick xD! And even if i am...i refuse to admit it =pp!

Sunshine is always good medicine, Mother. I'll take pictures and send you some sunshine in the winter when I get there!Mmm...yeah at the bookstore they sell pretty much everything a missionary might need. Converters, yup...adaptor, pretty sure...iron, yeah they've gotta.

And YES! I LOVED the album! It was just what I needed haha!I would absolutley love more pictures...if you want to send me some or grab some from off of Facebook
Or take some new ones! I would LOVE to see them! it feels good to reminisce once in a while. OH! andif you could...get some nice nature pictures. I have one picture of me sitting on the car that lala sent...and i just STARE at the trees in the lush and green!

oh dear...i cant tell you how much I love the Piano. That's amazing that Sister is learning to play. I want to take that up when I return home. Perhaps the violin too! (but thats more of a dream..) Piano and Drums...yeah, that'd be nice

I also want to re-take Spanish somehow...and American Sign Language.And Thus i'll know 4 languages! (maybe even try for french! but yeah...that ones more of a nice afterthought...a nice lil one to learn but maybe i wont)

BROTHER!! WOOO! Way to GO! first trophy...undefeated!! haha, that's amazing. I think i'll gain so much appreciation for life while I'm out here on my mission...i have already...but i mean so. much. more. It will be quite a humbling experience. And I intend to bring it all back home...and to live the things I learn. And share it with my family. I Know we can be so Happy. We are a Happy Family.

Tell me how everyone is doing. This week and next. People in the Ward. Friends and Family.

I don't have all that much to say here bout the MTC...just that i tried to play soccer the other day...and was worn out in about 8 minutes. couldnt do very well for the next 20 or so. It was rough...i cant even run! But i am still in shape...might actually be a bit more defined Pec-wise =p!! =D!!

The rest of the letters I'm still finishing.I just...gahhh! There's so many things I'm trying to do...and i feel like even with planning...i still get none of it done. Even when i plan...i feel like even if i follow through perfectly with the plan...theres so much i missed that i shouldve done. and trust me...i have YET to actually fulfill a planned day completely. planning like this is still a work in progress...

however! again, know that I love you all.And am Doing quite well.

The Grace of God has Kept Me And Will Continue to Embrace Me.

-Elder Lewis

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