Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey Mom!! Haha! Guess What?! I’mma headed to the Philippines!! Just got my flight plans the other day (last Friday!) I’ve been meaning to write…there’s always something I write down every day that I intend to send to either you, the family, or alena, etc. but I NEVER get around to actually writing it in a letter (only little notes on the side to myself)

HOWEVER!! To at least say it here: I INTEND to have at least one bunch of letters sent home to you before I leave, hopefully addressing enough people =) I have a couple done that have been done for weeks…Sister Johnson’s, Lauren , and ideas for some others…a Start Up Resume for Brody, etc.Those I WILL send out to you all at home before my last day.

To Dad real quick: THANKS!! I got the Package!! Just 30 seconds ago or so. Lots of wonderful little surprises xD!! And it was quite exciting, all the new stuff =PP! Please though, don’t go out of your way trying to send me stuff…the watches are quite nice, and hammock and netting and all, thanks! Don’t spend too much on me though…if anything all I need are some bare essentials and I can get by xD! So don’t worry about sending me too too many things. From what I hear from my Native Teacher Sis. Rather, and my other Teacher Brother Leslie, I should be more than fine as I am. And there are so many things I could pick up there if I need to…pretty darn cheap =pp! Might try and come home with some hand tailored suits for $50, who knows!(also, my teacher once got a speeding ticket there…$3. Haha! There really aren’t “police” there…more like army. And he just happened to end up in a very unlikely situation…) (But not a huge laughing matter…because the Filipinos work tremendously over there…some for so little money a day. Comparatively, we really would be seen as quite rich. It’s amazing how blessed we are.) So…for the most part, the things I would like through the mail are letters, personal things like pictures, etc. I’m sure if I haven’t yet realized it yet, nor realize it in the very near future…I should be fine without it.

OH! But I need to tell you when I leave! November 24, 2009. Next Tuesday, at 4ish? Yup yup. Will be flying Delta airlines…then to Eva…then to Philippine Air…and finally Cathay Pacific Airways.

All in all…if we calculated correctly…about 22 hours of flying…and 11 hours of layover/wait time.Oh boyyy…and that’s if everything is on time =PP!!

And yes Mother, I am flying out with my district…all the way until we arrive in Manila. And when we arrive there…7 of us leave for Bacolod…only one stays in Manila (Sister Ball) to serve in Quezon City.

I am quite excited! The flight plans just finally made it seem so real…that it is coming xD! I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels…to think that soon…I’ll be off. And only 22 months left! AHH!!

The language feels so wonderful. There is still much I have to learn…and again…I’m not gonna lie…I haven’t put all my effort into learning or doing here at the MTC. Not to say I’ve skimped off…but I know when I’ve really worked. And thus…I will try this week. To really push myself. I can speak the language comfortably right now…enough to speak about the lessons and the church and chit chat and whatnot. But I’m sure it will all seem inferior when I finally arrive. Yet…I am confident that it will be a marvelous learning experience if I so let it be. Spiritually…the Lord continues to bless me. Some people here feel like they wish they had more time to prepare. Well…I am ready. I mean…there is always so much more we can do to prepare. But it’s no longer time to just prepare. Its now time to Do. And I feel the Spirit shall Abide with me.

I was released yesterday as the Zone Leader…man, that’s different.I’ve been in leadership position ever since the day I arrived…senior companion, district leader, zone leader… And now…I don’t have too too many meetings…woo! Haha! But it was a marvelous experience…and truly…I was able to learn from so many wonderful leaders…and I feel like I grew…oh so much. Especially telling this to you, Dad. You always say you see me as a Leader. Well…not to Go bragging or building up my Pride…but I felt such Growth. And I Began to Feel Power…radiate through me, From The Spirit. And truly… I feel like the Lord Is Helping me to Become. I will Become.

Again…I feel so ready to head off to the Philippines. I hope to jot down my thoughts on the Islands before I actually arrive there…so as to be able to compare later (and keep my thoughts untainted of the “before hand”) I need to write down now. OH! And my image has changed several times over the course of being here of the Philippines…from a place of beauty and nature and hardwork…to poverty…to in dire need of the health of the gospel to rid from the plagues of wickedness and evil. I believed that perhaps things may not have permeated to such an island. But mother…Satan is ever prevalent. While there may yet be some places of the world who remain in an ignorant peace…I believe there will be much work to be done, that in the Heart’s of those Filipinos, truly they desire these truths: family. Chastity. Hope. Love. Forgiveness.I never realized…just how precious the smallest of things we have in this Gospel are… And I never realized…how much I have always wanted to thank you…for sheltering me. Not from the world. But protecting me against it. Helping me realize…evil is very real. But In the Presence of Light, Evil MUST depart. And truly as you shielded and protected me…even if I was “sheltered” in the sense of mere ignorance of the existence of certain evils…I am ever grateful for even that. It seemed so weird…even hard, to admit back then to the world: I’ve been sheltered. Almost ashamed to say it. But now, I wish to Proclaim it Openly: I Am So Proud…That I Have Been Sheltered. But not Sheltered Only. I Have Been Shielded. Against All Evil…even the unknown evils I have yet to encounter…I Am Prepared.

Sister…take this to heart. Please. And Be Proud. I cannot Begin to tell you How I feel. The World…it is a Beautiful Place. But There Is Great Distortion…Sister…do not let the beauty you see be confused with the evil mirages. This Gospel is Our Shield. Our Parents…They Know. This is the Shield of Our Savior.

Ever Hold Your Head High, in the Honoring Truth and Right. And in the Presence of Evil, You Command Him Flee…You Reprove Him. Ever…if Evil Cometh, You Speak Light. And He Shall Leave.

You may not understand this…but know that I know this happens on a daily basis during high school. And to apply this principle to you: that which sounds so natural to the world…it makes me quite sad. For we have accepted as normal such great tragedies. Alcohol, sex, drugs…lying, gossiping, lack of morality.Where is the Virtue? I Tell you, Sister, I Testify…if You will Hold Strong as an Example to These Principles as are In the For Strength of Youth…and if ever of evil undertones in school you hear…you Be the Example. It will be quite difficult. But Be Bold. The Lord Shall Comfort Thee. And You STAND for Truth.You are a Daughter of God. You are Honored Respect of the Most High. Do not let such degrading lack of tact and tongue touch your ears without you bearing your witness against it. If anything…you Flee. However…Pray, Muster the Courage. And You Let Known Your Light.

I guess…what I’m trying to say Sister, simply…is Be Yourself. And If ever your hear something your soul feels is not of goodness or virtue…please…help those who speak of evils they do not understand. And you let them know that You Know, in your heart…true Happiness is not within that evil.

I have full faith in you Sister. As Does the Lord.

Sorry for that Tangent!

Mmm…I’m going to grab some pictures from our companionships and send them home…but for the most part, I’ll just send the chip home (not a whole lot of good pictures on there yet haha xD!)

In any case…this last week has been great! Pushing for a final MTC Goal… Hopefully be able to finish the Book of Mormon (if not..i WILL soon..for I know when I do…oh how the Spirit within me will change); hoping to get those letters all down…and catch up on all the notes in my journal and other Big journal…while trying to keep studying and preparing for Teaching Assignments and Teaching Evaluations we schedule. All in all…I will Do My Best to Show the Lord I Will Do The Work…not only because I Believe in Him…but Because I Love Him. And I know He Loves His Children.And just as I pray to him for help, for miracles…I know he would have each and every one of us be that miracle that someone has prayed for. And we Are. If we but Will Give our hearts to Him.

Mm…I do believe my address for the Philippines is on Facebook. Please give that out to as many people as you can =p! I LOVE Mail haha!! And I will write Megan too…I will I will…man! I say that so much…I need to make sure I do these things. But in my heart, know that I mean it every time I say it. And I WILL! For if it is in one’s heart, truly, then one will do.

Yes mother, I am a grazer too. I try not to eat here either…not too much. Skip a meal or so here or there.Haha…im still in shape! Maybe even better than before! (except I can’t play soccer for the life of me! I FAILED!!! Its been almost a year since last I played…and I failed!) (Volleyball im a pretty good hand at though xD!)

Oh..and that candy…yeah. That went. Pretty darn fast. I’m a grazer…and when it comes to candy…I graze often ;D!!

Sorry bout your accident mom! Fingers must hurt, youch!

And yayy! I hope you liked your date!

I’m glad Dad is busy =D So long as he’s happy!

I’ve sent Brother a letter and so has my companion (my companion’s line of work is right up his alley!) Hopefully we hear from him. If not..well…I’ll send him a letter soon again.

Yes, Sara , I recommended Her. I thought of her…and recommended her because the thought touched my heart. Love her as my friend, such a wonderful spirit.

Thank you for helping Molly..trying to get that CD…it means a lot to me. Please call and keep in touch with her.

YAY!! I will write Lala! (although..hmm…not sure I can see her being retired…Lala usually likes to be DOING things…and she LOVES people. Guess she’ll have to think it over…but I hope she’s happy xD!)

OH MAN I GOTTA GO!!Sorry! I Will Write!


--Your Son and Brother and Grandson,Elder Christopher Lewis

P.S. Mother, Father, Family, Grandmother…I am ever noticing…in my time on my mission…that My dreams and aspirations for life are ever changing…more than I have ever imagined or dreamed…taking me somewhere new… Even my very vision for the rest of my life… And yet…I feel in my heart…that truly…this new developing vision…is exactly what I’ve always ever wanted. This is the Dream of Dreams, for Me.

Before…friends, places, college…my career…soccer forever…my family…living life to the fullest wherever I decided to pursue…many many avenues of aspirations…

But now…a new take…on all of these.

And I am finding…This New Vision. This is the Dream of Dreams, for Me.

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