Monday, November 2, 2009

Good to Hear From You!

Hey Ya'll!

Soo...lemme start by stating what I did in my letter (which i JUST sent it should be in the mail by tomorrow):This is my 6th week! I have 3 left here! and on top of that...i never thought i'd find myself saying something like this...but soon i'll only have 22 months left! not that i'm counting down the time...but rather...i'm getting really excited about the work...and to think that i only have that certain amount of time as a missionary...It Really Invigorates Me To Do All I Can Now.

In any the next few days you should recieve a general letter...followed by a package with a couple more inside for various people (i'll finish those ones tonight). Sorry about that...and I've resolved to try and send some form of written letter on Friday or Saturday for the next 3 weeks. Sorry about not being able to in the past...I had certain challenges =P!

But I am in Good Spirits and doing well.

OH! by the way...Thanks for the Candy =D! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I NEEDED candy. I go to eat meals all the time...and i realized that it was kinda making me feel like "blah." Too much food. I don't like just EATING. Maybe one good meal for dinner is all i need. or for lunch. but not THREE full meals. eeckkk...specially with this food. So usually...for two of my meals ill just have cereal (in a cup of course!) (everyone finds that so odd...yet intriguing. And I love itt haha!) So i'll eat 2 cups of cereal or something...or some cookies and milk...just something to NIBBLE on but not too much.

aaaand NOW!! I have candy in my dorm room drawer! MUAHAHA! Munchies!! I live off of these. It's how i do. Candy candy candy.

oh...that reminds me...i need to pick up grandmothers package...that came a day or two ago...and i still havent done that yet.

I receieved the letter for the Card today, as well as the Patriarchal Blessing. I'll read that tonight...but thank you so much! And i don't mind you reading it Mom =) Thats perfectly fine.

Dad...ohh guess what?The other day we started a "punishment program" where for every english word you spoke during the do one push up....friday night I did 50. Saturday night I did 100. (No, not all at once...maybe in the course of 8-10 min)

MAN!! That felt good! I think i might just make that a routine every night! so much more motivating if you have otehr people doing it with you...and it'll help me stay in shape (and i doooo want to stay in shape!) (im afraid ill lose the abs...but maybe i can gain some pecs and work on the abs when i get home! or the philippines ill just sweat it off!)

But yeahh...doing good all around.

This week, on Tuesday, Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke during devotional. It was an amazing fireside. I've been enjoying thse moments fully.

I'm not gonna lie...i almost TOTALLY forgot about lose track of all else in here!

OH! almost guess what time i end up waking up at every morning? Either 4 or 430...on the dot, every Morning. It feels so natural...and then if I get up i feel good. If i stay asleep...i feel so lazy and wake up and feel all sluggish =p! Dunno how I'm gonna fix that.But yup...thats what waking up at 4am for a long time does to ya.

Good to hear ya'll enjoyed your halloween. And its great to hear about the Kids. I Miss Them. I love hearing the stories, because I can picture them in my mind. It's wonderful.

I didn't realize it...but I'd like some pictures if you guys could send them. I know you said you'd send some...but general pictures too. Tell Brody and Ethan and Lauren and what not to ok? I enjoy looking at the few pictures I have with me from time to time. And I LOVE the one Lala sent me with a picture of me on the white car and our neighbors house in the background...I love looking at our neighborhood and those trees...all i ever get to see here is Campus...MTC Campus.

You still haven't told me if there was anything you wanted at the Bookstore Mom.

Oh yes...please go through all the emails you send and I send and see if theres any questions either you or I have asked each other and neither of us have addressed. That way...we can address them =)

Yes...stories. Yup yup...i love to hear stories any and all. please send 'em. As i said...i have found an area of time where I can write back i will. As i'll recieve some mail soon for various people xD

I've been teaching in Tagalog now too...THATS interesting.Just when the Lord had granted me power to testify of my love for this Gospel in English...NOW I'm teaching sa Tagalog. Oh Dearr...thats gonna take some time. Although the Gospel is the same, in any language. Different words, even when translated exactly. But the same meaning.

As I mentioned...I'm a zone leader now and the zone is coming along well. They are a great bunch of guys (and sisters) (oops...i should call them Elders). theres about 40-50 of us All in Total. But still...i love our particualr District of 8 sooo much. I intend to keep well in touch with a number, if not all of them.

Bye My family, my time is Up.I love you all...i really need to make a list of things to send you in an email...that way its not generic...i need to write more stuff down...darnitt =PP!

Love all of You Guys! All the Kids, 'n Rebecca (cuz she's not a 'kid' anymore i guess =pp! still daughter yup...and a youngin'...but i guess i wont call her a kid xD!)

And My Dear, Dear Parents,Who Have Taught Me Oh So Much.And To Have Faith. For Through Faith...I can do Miracles.

Mom & Dad......How Grateful I am for you both, and for the wonderful example you set as Parents.

And My Sweet Grandmother ...haha! God knows He Sent a Gem when He Sent Her. Love That Gal! Never was Anyone Like her. And Thats RIGHT! Cuz she's mine.

Love You All!!

--elder Lewis

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