Monday, December 21, 2009

Mild and Sweet, the Words Repeat:

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men~

Dearest Family,A Merry Christmas To You All.I Pray You Feel the Spirit of Him Whom Hath Given Us Our All.And that Ye See Him, Within the Family, With the Day, Within all Love and Purity. There is Joy on the Earth...There is So Much Joy.

Glory to Him, Our King. O Night Divine, When Christ Was Born.

Mother, I Oft Walk With Him...and Ever He Walks With Me.Prone to Wander...yes, Indeed. Yet, How Glorious to Know:Ever Walketh He Beside We.

Even Now, I Am in Alma...and I found such Wonderful Meaning Here.Particularly Chapter 5. If Other Man Hath love for this Scripture...I Finally Understand Why.

We, who Belong to this Church:Have We Sufficiently Retained in Remembrance...Him. In Our Hearts.He Changes Our Hearts. We Are Born Anew.

And as We Sing These Hymns of Praise, Particularly During this Time of Giving, this Season of Christmas...Shall We Not Remember their True Purpose: To Sing the Song of Redeeming Love.

Oh Mother. My Father. How with Great Anticipation, I Prepare for the Day, when Our Family Shall Be Brought Unto the Very Presence of God, And He Shall Say: "Come Unto Me Ye Blessed."

Yea, He is Christ. To Rise with Healing In His Wings.Oh Family, Oh Friends, Can Ye Not See Him? Dream. Dream of Him.And Know Thy Dream is Thy Very Purpose. Yea, We are But of A Beautiful Dream to Come True.

I Must Say...As of is already 9 o'clock...I've only had but a few minutes to write this...and i shall not have another opportunity for quite a few this must be sufficient.

I Love You All. This Shall Be Among My Greatest Birthdays Ever.And I Almost Forgot It...But Ever...This is the Greatest Gift.

For All Mankind. For These Beautiful People.We Will Together Understand, "O Holy Night."

--Elder Lewis

Merry Christmas, Dear Family. All of our Family...Yes. Every One.

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