Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finding New Life

Soon it will be a New Year.

I Am quite excited...

There shall be so many wonderful experiences to come!
This is one of the greatest gifts...knowing that There is So Much of Life to be Lived!

This past year, such a great many memories! Sometimes we forget...just how beautiful life is.
How beautiful a year is. How much can happen...does happen...will happen.

We can learn from the past, all the experiences, to help make us who we are.
We can prepare for the future, to decide who we want to be.
And even now...the time is here in the present, to be lived. Rejoice!

This is a Miracle. What do you want to learn?
What do you want to be? Right now...what do you want to do?
It has been said: The Future is as Bright as Your Faith.

Brothers and Sisters, Family.

There is Such Joy. Unique for Us All...And Yet One in its Purity.
We have that marvelous gift of Agency.
Will you please...remember...that Your Life Can Be As Beautiful as You Want it to Be.
You Can Create.

So Please, Remember.
There is a New Year to Come...
But there is always a new Day...a New Moment.
A New Opportunity to Become.
Every Moment...a Miracle.
This is the Gift of Life.

Smile, Please, Always Keep Smiling.
Happy New Year.


I Am so grateful, Family...for that second opportunity to call you today.
Unfortunately...the internet service throughout this region died the otehr day...and we were cut off. It is wonderful, to hear your voices.

And to know this: That this "Monumentous Occasion", that milestone: Being able to call your parents! Was indeed, a milestone for me. But not because i bore great testimony, or there was overwhelming affection conveyed over the phone...heartfelt tears, etc.

I Had, for a moment, pondered on that: Should not this occasion be amazing??
And i am quite pleased with the actual turnout of the phone call: I Called My Parents. My Family. And we If I Were Yet at Home....I Felt My Family. And I Felt the Love. In as Simple a Manner Can Be.

And This is All I Ever Could Want.

We though I Never Left. And it's true. I Haven't Left. But rather...I'm away on Errand.
The Greatest Errand there is. For a moment...I'm on Errand. But Home. Ever...I Am Home.

I Love You.
My Gosh...I Promise You...
Those Words are so Beautiful...
Mother...Father. Brothers and Sisters.
Those Words, In Purity...So Beautiful.

We are to Love God.
To Love One Another.
These are the Greatest Commandments.
By Which All Others Follow.

"And Greater Love Hath No Man Than He Layeth Down His Life for His Friends"
There are so many ways to touch someone else's give your life to and for someone else.
What shall our legacy be? How shall I Give My Life?

For Me...I Believe I've Begun to Find How I Shall Give Mine.
I Pray for Us, Dear Brothers and Sisters. For We Shall Return Home...Together.
This I Know. And I Give to Thee My Hand. Please...I Shall Help Thee. Will Ye Help Me?
We Are Coming Home.

--Elder Lewis

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