Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One last thing!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry! I'm on with permission today because my email was acting up yesterday, and i couldnt print off any stuff...so im on for a minute!

So! One thing i forgot to mention:

Guess what? My companion fell off a bus! hahaha! Yup...the Ceres. It was fantastic. We went to the hopsital and everything. Not to worry ya bout me hanging off the sides of vehicles or nothing =P! He's fine...he looks great! What a beautiful guy =P!

OH! One last thing...please date your dear elders to me, and tell everyone to date them, so i have the dates.

and please forward all my emails, this and the other two, to everyone i sent you.

Mail me pictures! Everyone! XD!!

and on google map, we're right by Manapala Cemetery (take the road on the left of it on google map (not the main one) and somewhere on that road, is our house (the white one on the right side =P!)


--Elder Lewis

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