Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to Basics!


Well... I'm doing Great! I've finally found out why I've been so heavy as of late. And interestingly's not anything in particular... its actually just a lot and lot of build up of small things! Especially Prayer, i had for a time forgotten the miracle of this great communication... how great the wonders come from even the smallest degrees of faith. And my language... i've stagnated a bit... still fairly well off... but my progress hasnt been as I know it could be. I haven't really been helping it... and when my stresses and pressure that I mention cultivated in my gaining a fever... i realized that the Lord had also withdrawn the ability to speak from me. I could still understand everything
I hear... that hasnt left. But the Lord, even up to now, is humbling me... and its been a bit of an effort to work my way back to the language consistency. I believe he's trying to help me develop a habit to master the language... its no longer just going to "come"

But in all actuality... its not just those things! Surprisingly... when I decided I was going to change to become a Missionary again...I realized as I listed what needs to be done, that its a very... odd list! I want to brush my teeth twice a day! (not a habit yet...sorryy); want to shave every day! (a rule... ive been doing only every 2 days) I want to wake up before 630am... much before. Because there is much I would like to get done... writing, stretching (especially stretching... id like to start that every day), shower twice a day. BED SHEETS! I never realized how much not having a pillow or sheet or blanket of any kind affected me. Or sleeping on just an old mattress! I havent had bed sheets or a pillow since the MTC! so went and got some last week. makes a world of difference.
Updating the Area Book always. Shining my shoes. doing laundry, once a week! (i usually go as long as I can without... and i can make it stretch! sometimes 3 weeks! but all that laundry is stressful to do all at hand) Writing in the Journal, everyday! (ill start next week!) (and just...writing. not thinking "oh this will be exhausting, some great thoughts need to go here..." no. just write whatever! what happened!) And writing letters! Weekly!

There's so much more as well. A list of seemingly menial tasks... lots of them. But all have been weighing on me for a long time. I can't wait... to get them all straight xD!

And, these stresses being out of the way, focusing again, on these People. It's been a wonderful week. We had lost a lot of investigators two weeks ago; when I arrived in this area there were perhaps 3 children investigators, 12ish... who we ended up dropping rather quickly for there was not enough desire. So everyone that is an investigator now are people recently found. Some unfortunately...we had to let go... others... moved. And others, schedules have changed so much we are not sure if we will be able to continue. But the Lord has been gracious unto us... and there are many people we expect among our Investigators who will soon find their way to Repentance and Come unto the Fold.

Basta... I'm very excited for the Area again. I believe in Miracles again. I believe in Christ again. For truly, if He is there. If we are His children. And If He loves us. And If this truly is His church... His very Gospel...

If He loves us... He will do everything and all manner of miracles without overstepping our agency, to bring His children Home. Having this Faith again... is such a joy.

I do not know how or why I forgot this...

Basta, I'm ready to Change. I'm ready to listen, and once more, Be a Missionary.

--Elder Christopher A. Lewis

P.S. wow these kids are very loud in this internethan... shouting and screaming and World of Warcrafting...
gotta love the philippines... funny thing is... all these kids (12/14 yrs?) are on "lunch break" for an hour and a half... 1200 noon
in about one hour... they'll be back in school... and they decide to spend all their break at the internet... pffttt =P!
That's the culture!

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