Monday, October 26, 2009

Re: mom again

OHhhh! You have no idea how good this feels.Starting just last wednesday, we have been asked to speak Only Tagalog. For the rest of our time here at the MTC....Yes, of course we cheat, all the time. But STILL! its interesting. and its nice to write in English.

I must say, I did a bit of studying the other night, and clicked.the language just all of a sudden clicked. Not that it didnt click before...its just i hadn't tried to understand it yet.however...i need to study it again...because the basics i studied and it clicked, however, for the rest to click i need to sit down and actively study it again. They try and have you Plan your Day sooo...fixedly...15min increments and whatnot...and it just really fragments my ability to study. Granted...the concept makes sense...its just not what I'm used to. I like delving in for a whole hour or so into something...and i don't have that time. So when i study starts to come...and then BAM, 15 min gone, time to move on to something else...its interesting.

HOWEVER, it is coming. And I am enjoying myself quite a bit.I apologize, however...for having not sent that Letter to you yet. It had already been started last Monday...however...Mom somehow the time gets away from me...and lil by lil everything adds up of the things that get away from me...and I can't catch up. And i like to DEVOTE my attention to letters I write...i cant merely spend just a half hour writing...because then i feel like i scanted it short.

And so things pile up...i get to some things...however for the most part...i keep not getting to the things like that letter i really WANT to do...which would require at least an hour or so of my time, and because i havent been able to find that time anywhere in a's been hard.

I'll have it out in the next couple of days...I'm sorry.

But yeah...i guess i might as well say a couple things that were in that letter then:

I'm a Zone Leader now =PP!3 weeks, and yup. The story behind it is already written in my letter, so I'll save that...but yup...and there are now about 40ish new Missionaries in our Zone. It's fun =)

And I love reading your letters...ill (hopefully) get to address everyone individually at least in a short letter to you all (i'll find some time one morning...)

I happen to wake up like clockwork at 4am every morning.However...even though I've woken up at this time every morning...and COULD get out of bed and do stuff...i HAVENT. that AMAZES me. I should. because i gain some time to catch up. we'll see. I plan to do that tomorrow morning.

Also...haha...interesting story about My Temple Reccomend as well =) (already written in future letter)

so...did the computer work? was i wrong? sorry...i'm not there to fix it...i swear the computers probably fine you just have to DIG.

I'm getting so tired of eating food...its so boring. But its just what we DO. and its not like i can go sit and write something...cuz there are no reading or writing in the cafe...and my companion is not one who would want to skip with me, nor anyone else for that matter. *sigh* I'm unique.

I've gotten QUITE adept at volleyball...i must say ;) Nahh...not that good yet, but i play it every day. and i've gotten a lot better and actually, i was quite fond of it before the mission, and this is my nice escape for the day during gym time (because 1. no one wanted to play soccer outside in our gym class and 2. now some new missionaries want to but they think its too cold...*sigh* i would.) But yup, gettin good at that ;)

And spiritually, I'm doing well. I have my ups and downs. Usually, for some reason...i have a grand Spiritual High one day...and the just falls. I've since thought on this...and have made progress to remedy this. Much better now.

Good to hear everyone is so active! Sorry brother...I know, not playing soccer or sports or something is kinda saddening...too bad they dont let you play in the mud yet, thats the BEST!

And it's good to hear sister...well no its not good to hear she's hurt...however! It's Good! Lesson learned. And you find out your passion for what your doing. And hey, its supposed to happen. not really. But it happens anyway. Keep at it =)

Same goes for other sister...if you're gonna be goalie...get ready for that to happen a lot. And because you're are IMPORTANT...which sometimes the judges give you a lil' more leeway than the forwards on the other team. So be tough when you get the ball...and make sure you put the other forwards in their place. you are the Goalie. If they are gonna come in, remember, THEY better be careful. But yes, you will experience things like this alot. Just let em know how intimidating you can be.

youngest sister!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! hahahaha. That will be funnny later =) sorry bout the money mom., be good. Keep Being a Princess. And Be Nice!! xD!!

youngest brother sang? aww... =)it was interesting...there was a baby in sacrament meeting the other day...i havent heard the sound of a baby in FOREVER! =) Miss You.

Hope all Ya'll Kids are playing with each other and Havin' Fun!Love Ya'll!

And dad, no I don't think I can get pictures. Sorry. Not via email.And in particular...i wouldnt have time to look at them either.unless they came regular mail.

Nothing I need right now...perhaps that watch thingamajig...i dont have one here and im always struggling to figure out the time.

Also...Mom, what kinda things you interested in at this MTC STore?I get 40% discount on certain things as a Missionary (but not all things...just mission related stuff)

They have pretty much cd's, hymn books, book of mormons, shirts, etc.(i would rather have crummy shorts or shirts though and not want to buy em...MTC logo stuff is like any other brand name stuff...lil pricey)

and they have free engrave your name on book thing here they kind of have backpack things...but see if you can find that fanny pack thing...

but yup! Times almost up! Thats 30 minutes worth of writing!So Thank You so Much Family!I've been getting more emails from people =) That always makes me happy.Didn't get your Dear Elder yet dad...either later on today or tomorrow.(Its 1253pm 253pm there)

Love You All.And I'll write! Promise!

--Elder Lewis

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