Tuesday, October 13, 2009

End of Week 3!

Good Afternoon, Family!

ok...so a few things to say before i forget.1. thank you all for your past emails...i love hearing about what goes on at home...its like a mini world in here...and sometimes i forget that things still are happening outside of the MTC, so please...even the littlest stories of your day would be nice, please keep sending me emails =)

2. if you do write me, please make sure they are all written by sunday night...because i check them around noon on Monday here (2pm there)...and i can only come to the lab once really...so please, just so i never miss those emails, send them early.

3. did you get my last email? from last week? because it said there was an error...i have sent you a total of 2 emails (this being the third) and the last one talked about...stuff...haha i dont remember...ill try to re email it again too if i have time.

But anyway...tell me all thats going on...and ill give you a lil run down of whats happening now.

So...planning...theres a white missionary planbook...and i DESPISE it...i find it so cumbersome. darn schedule getting in my way of organizing things how i like to...its a weird format. BUT, i have found quite a new love for Planning. Planning is something you can completely throw your heart into. And YOU DECIDE what will happen in your week. Exactly how accomplished you want to feel...is dependant upon what you choose to set as your goals and plans for that week. When we Plan sincerely...thats when the Lord comes in. I'll mention that in my supplemental letter i will send you via real mail.

Mmm...and you know what else is interesting? three weeks really have flown by. My gosh...i cant believe how quickly the time is going. Because there really is nothing else to think about save it be Missionary Work...every day is really inspiring and they just fly by.

I will send you some pictures Mom, I have a few, but I havent developed them yet, and i need to take some better ones of my companion and me (i dont really have any...haha)

in any case...what else has been happening with me hmm?well...i've gotten awfully good at volleyball! that's what i do with my Gym time. an hour a day, vball everyday, oh yeah, i better be getting good. Unfortunately...in our zone the other district leaves tomorrow morning, and they had some good players...so i will just have to completely annihilate the new rookies who come in on Wed.(we are getting 37 new missionaries to the tagalog zone) (...and guess what? I am now the zone leader...oh boyy =pp!)

I will expound on certain things in my other letter, but yeah, thats whats happening.

Truly...i cannot tell you how blessed I feel becauseof the teachers we have and the unity and spirit of our zone. Truly one of a kind...even throughout the whole MTC.

Also...i havent been able to actually WATCH a movie yet here...always been a meeting or something i need to attend...however, on Sunday nights everyone gets to watch a movie...usually a choice of one of four that evening. And ive caught the last 5 minutes of The Prophet Joseph Smith-The Restoration (i think its called that) and the last 15 minutes of Testaments. Both are amazing...and I think it would be fantastic to watch them on Sundays. There are SO many good Sunday movies aorund...I'd recommend asking around and looking for some.

ALSO! Check out on the LDS.org website:Music with a Message (mom you will LOVE these types of music...you might have to search around a bit to find the sound clips...ask someone to help you, or actually...mayeb you'll find it! but they are awesome! add THOSE to your collection of songs of sunday music =D)

And Mormon Messages on the same sight are also nice movie clips with wonderful short stories =)

By the way...I hear you are enjoying the computer eh, mom? =D I'm glad. I hope you guys do let it see some good use...because two years from now...it may even be obsolete. but thats not why i want you to use it. Saving stuff for me is nice...just like the idea of the toys...but they are meant to be used, so use them! xD!Besides...its faster, portable...and i bet you could have a lil fun mom!

And I will write a letter to sister Johnson. Besides, she is another person I enjoyed very much! I'm glad to hear the ward is doing well, and that their spirits are high =)

My companion and I are growing well together for the most part...there are still some times where I think we sometimes "crunch" a little...however...it is quickly resolved. I cannot really explain it well without sounding harsh...nor do i wish to focus on why, because that is not why we are here, and definitely does not bring the Spirit. Suffice it to say we continually strive to keep the Spirit with us.

Mmm...the Tagalog is coming...i really feel like i am not quite where I could be...but then again...i COULD do more practicing...i just am very shy with the language speaking to other people when i have a very small grasp on it...

But I'm trying.

OH! But i must make note, really quickly here, that our particular district JUST went to our first trip to the Referral Center (where people ask questions about the church via chat message or phone call) (we shouldve done this in our first week...but didnt actually do it until our 3rd, i dont know what the mix up was)

BUT! i am out of time.

There was a girl, named Sonia. And I spoke to her via chat message. And she is 14 and entering high school...and she just made me think of Sister...and I spent a good hour and 20 minutes chatting with her until i had to leave.

And that experience...made me feel that this work is REAL.it was just a taste...but so amazing.

I love you all! and i must go.but please...tell me some stories! And I'll ask questions as you do!

P.s. and yes, this email is for everyone, not just mom...you too dad, even though i didnt say your name in here xD!Love You Dad!

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