Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

I apologize, guys! I haven't been able to send my next letter home yet...i have most of the ideas i want to write in the letter written on random pieces of study paper (from tagolog to devotional study sheets =pp!) however...i haven't composed all of it yet...I'll do that tonight.

And i was thinking...i think I will write you all some individual letters now and again...or at least, address you all uniquely somehow (because that would be a lot of letters to send)

I'm just always so busyy...and it's hard sometimes.I tell you, I have NEVER had such spiritual highs such as I am blessed to have here. I have felt this same Spirit many times in my life...but now I truly am coming to Love it...and Desire it Always.

Perhaps thats why sometimes i tend to have down days's not that those days are Bad persay...but little things that occur...and take me away from my focus, or small things that just add up. In any case...i feel an absence of the Spirit. And sometimes...instead of working to get it back...sometimes i let the day drudge on and get away from me...and then I'm a lil depressed that I let the day slide...But I'm working on trying to Always have a Positive Attitude...even when I feel like I've Lost my focus, I'm striving to gain it back.

The Tagalog...i wish I could say I've been studying. Truth is...i really havent. i KNOW my capabilities of studying...and I have hardly put much effort into studying this yet...and it is somewhat reflective of my ability to speak it. Granted, I'm still on par with most of the district...but I know my capabilities...and i feel like i am FAR from my potential if I truly desired to Study. This is also something that sometimes gets me a lil down.

However! I must say that I am in High Spirits.And not that I'm banking on this fact, but know this to be true:"You can learn EVERYTHING, you can have EVERYTHING, right now. If you truly desire. If you Decide. And If You Will Seek With All Diligence."

I have always known my biggest issue to be Pride. Of course I joke around a bit about it with mom and dad and everyone from time to time...and i really am not an overly PRIDEFUL person...however, i do have much inner Pride.And it is both a little frustrating, and yet, so relieving to know that I come Closer to Him as I Humble myself.Hard to do...but at the same feels so good.

Mother, my next letter will be a good one...i leave most email details out because i want to write them via real mail.I apologize if you cannot read my handwriting...but i'd rather write it there...i have more time and i can think better than in the 15 minutes i have left, under pressure.

And i know i said i'd send you it last monday...ill do my best to write it tonight and send it...i know my last email was rather bland.

Do me a favor though?Save all these emails? As you send them?Save them, print them out, make a folder...of all you send and all i send to you. That way you have them all and I have them all (through you) when I return home. Thank you.

Yes mom, please mail me a copy of my patriarchal blessing. I would love to have one.

I'm so glad to hear everyone's doing well in their respective spheres. Sister...haha if she keeps at it, who knows, she may very well be the best by senior year! (and even before!) (she seemed like she enjoyed it when she started)

And thank you Aaron, for the solo!

OH, and yes, i did recieve the package...i believe on Tuesday. It was pretty fast.

Thank you all for the mail!

We will have a LOT of fun when I get home.P.s. Dad, you know what? Mormons really are the masters of networking. I'm not really all that social here...partially because I'm trying to maintain my focus, partially because my companion isnt that social, partially because im trying not to speak that much english (...and since i haven't been studying...i dont speak much Tagalog either!) and partially because...etc.

HOWEVER!! I've met so many people here, that I WILL keep tabs on. Not close close tabs...but the fact that i can call them up, and they will remember me. thats the kind of relationship we can have after the mission.

Well...thats about all the time I have for today...I'm doing laundry now too...oh dear! can you believe they MAKE me make my bed??I DONT EVEN WANT TO USE ANYTHING BUT A PILLOW!They make me use it, make it, reuse it, make it...dear me if it was up to me i wouldnt use the sheets or blankets or NADA!

oh oh! and we STILL have this rule of "no touching" here at the MTC because of the flu or something...i dont know...suffice it to say that they finally banned our 'pound its' (fist bumps) so missionaries cant even touch eachother THAT way!

uh oh gotta go BYE!!LOVE YOU!!

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