Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Again!

Kamusta Kayo! (How Are You All?)

Haha! This language is so much fun!it sounds so sing songy, and its just a joy. Although i do have to say, I need to practice...because I am a bit shy trying to speak a language to random people because I don't always know the words to say right away, and have to stop and think about it. On the other hand, if i dont constantly practice, I'll never be comfortable! Pasencha! (Have Patience With Me!)

Sooo...it turns out i FINALLY was able to mail out all the letters i had intended to write...that was something weighing me down. I sent a substantial letter finally this morning that should arrive home in the next few days...just know that i wrote it a lil bit ago, in notes, and didnt finally have time to put it into a letter form until i pulled an all nighter (SHH!! not supposed to do that!)

But yes, ohh dearr haha! So I'm quite enjoying myself here.

Oh my...I can't even begin to describe conference.Suffice it to say thus (something my teacher Brother Leslie said, so eloquently):

Angels Minister Among the Conference Hall, But Christ Sits With the Missionaries.

And truly, I have never felt such POWER as I have experienced this conference. And oh, the power of Hymns! Singing...I never realized how truly wonderful some of the music in this church is. The melodies...and the lyrics. I do hope you will play hymns on sunday mother, they bring such a wonderful atmosphere, the spirit.

But i will let my letter suffice concerning General Conference.

Haha, Dad, I have not yet had time to read your emails...i only have 30 min on a computer on mondays!! No Time! but i print them out for the most part and logout to save time...(because it will go back to 30 min if i can finish before 29.01 countdown) but your emails through dearelder are an awkward format for Missionary emails...so i will wait for the pouch service.

HOWEVER! i laughed, smiled, and choked up a bit over all your emails. Thank you so much, my wonderful family.

And I FINALLY got a haircut like 2 hours ago...it was longg hehehe...(its SO hard to schedule a haircut here)

Brother! Haha! What are you doing! hahahaha! I hope it heals! I'm glad to hear youre rambunxious as ever. Dont lose that! Just learn when to calm down. You will be so great Brother. Sports. School. People...You will be THE MAN! Because to me, you already are.

And little Brother...I am away. Only for a time. When I come home, I will hold you so dear. But I am not so far away. Yes...I am at Work.

Younger Sister...that was a very touching letter...i have very little time left (2 min) and already wrote the last half of this letter so thats already inserted...so i must cut out. But i will not get sick. I am Heman, after all. PLUS! ...actually nvm... theyve asked us now not to handshake or hug...but PFFT! I DO IT ANYWAY!! haha!

Sister, I love YOU! I'm so glad you are Happy =)

And little Sister...you are a Princess.

Grandmother...I Will Write You Soon...But know that i have my picture of me kissing you up, and i love it and they all tease me all the time, but i wouldnt have it any other way!

But all is well. My dear Family. I am So Blessed. This District truly is one of a kind. Unique in all aspects. There is a Spirit within our small group of 8 that only we can bring. Truly, we have been preserved and prepared. Four sisters, four elders. We have plenty of fun, talking about babylonian things...but we get right back to work. And when the spirit comes...oh my...it overwhelms.

In fact, mother, I must tell you this. Because I feel it...with all My Soul:

The Lord Is Preparing Us...To Be Among the Most High.

There is a man here, Brother Leslie...and when he speaks...I feel the Power of One Who Stands With Christ. He Speaks By The Same Spirit, The Same Power, The Same Authority, as Those Men Elect of God, Our Dear Apostles and Prophets.

There is No Doubt in My Mind That the Lord Has a Great Work For Him in the Future. He Will Stand With God, Mother. He Will. When We Return...If He Remains Immovable...He Will Stand With God.

And our Great Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ...They Have Given Us this Man...by NO coincidence.

There are good missionaries. There are even Great missionaries. And the Lord is Well Pleased. However...there is a Higher Calling. One like unto the Prophets. And it is available to all men. It is a Choice. But not all ever fully understand it. And this Man, Brother Leslie...through Him, and the Spirit...I'm learning of that Choice. Once Made, Mother, One NEVER goes back. He Loves the Lord...Until His Dying Breath...and then On Throughout Eternity. I Hear him explain this calling. And it makes sense...however. I am still learning...still growing. And Perhaps...one Day...I Will Understand, and Make that Choice: A Higher Calling.

I Love You, My Family. Please, continue to write. I am Well.And My Heart is Full For You.Because I Know That My Redeemer Lives. How Great He Is. And How Much My Family Will Always Mean to Him.

--Elder Lewis

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